Ludacris - Conjure (A Hustler's Spirit)


01 Intro
02 Wasted
03 O Lets Do It
04 Patna Dem
05 Conjure Commercial
06 All The Way Turned Up
07 Born An Og
08 Atl,ga
09 Conjure Commercial 2
10 Everybody Wit Me
11 Bulletproof
12 Conjure Commercial 3
13 Dont Trust Her
14 Addicted To Money
15 We Gettin Rich
16 Conjure Commercial 4
17 Regret
18 Sex Therapy
19 Outro
20 Pennies

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You heard it right!!! Straight fiya!!!!
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you know ima download this.

you know ima download this. ludas in my top...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...

I'm not feeling this.

I ain't really feelin' it to be honest. It seems like every other line is just 'buy my drink' and Luda sounds like he's half-assing it the whole time. I know Luda's fire, I still have that old "Pre-Release Therapy" mixtape he did on my iPhone and it's still dope, but, it feels like his heart ain't in this one. I hope whatever he puts out next is better.
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Luda is a tool. And all you

Luda is a tool. And all you Luda fans can "lick,lick,lick,lick,lick it from my head to the hose!" If I see Luda in the hood, I'm gon rip the chain off his neck!
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easy tough guy... you probly

easy tough guy... you probly wont see him in your hood cus hes been paid. lmao. he aint kickin it on your broke ass block homie...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...
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Yep, "Chris Luva Luva" was doin his thing on the radio in Atlanta. Then he sold like 50,000 units at $7 a piece out the trunk BEFORE he got on. No Skinny Jeans! It's a movement =>>
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Shit me and my boys over here in Afghanistan bumpin this shit before missions.. Good ass mixtape!
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Real shit man yall be safe

Real shit man yall be safe and make it back home!
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Come back safe man! God bless

Come back safe man! God bless

Good luck

Good luck out there guys! Be safe.
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do your thing out there big

do your thing out there big homie. much respect to all of americas soldiers. god blessed this country and with your help he still will even with this over bearing government trying to destroy what our forefathers built with his help. one...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...


Im actually likin this CD. Its Jammin!

what cd

what cd u talking about
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Luda is promoting a cognac... awesome (This real btw? I dont drink cognac. Jack and coke for me)
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Its real and all the songs

Its real and all the songs are new. Yea thats his brand of cognac I believe but who cares its a plug on a free tape he gave us, pretty good idea I would say. ANd yall check this new Bun B song>>>>>
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New Tape

When is Bun B droppin a new tape? I wasn't a huge fan of UGK but his feature on Wale and some of Weezy's stuff has been dope and I am really lookin forward to a solo album by him. He have any albums already or mixtapes? I'd love to get some.
chop76's picture

Wasnt a fan of UGK?? Thats

Wasnt a fan of UGK?? Thats the type of shit that would make me push you out of my truck at a red light (if your lucky, prob while goin 80 on I40!) Yea Bun has two solos out, Trill and Trill 2. You should find UGK's Riding Dirty and Dirty Money albums and you'll be a UGK fan after that
zameltzer1's picture


Haha sry hoss. Just not my sound. Trill 2 any good? I'm thinkin about downloading it.
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if you gonna listen to bun b don't start with II trill. i fucks with bun but i don't like that cd. i think he rushed it or something
chop76's picture

Bun B Gangsta Grillz

Its a couple years old but a mixtape...........
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ya but bun put out a cd of

ya but bun put out a cd of freestyles like 2 days ago called no mixtape.. shit goes hard
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Alex821 wrote:
ya but bun put out a cd of freestyles like 2 days ago called no mixtape.. shit goes hard
More like a week and a half ago homey, going to two weeks now. You behind on your Texas muzik my dude.
chop76's picture

Thats not the real No

Thats not the real No Mixtape, I dont know when it drops but you can get all those freestyles from that same link I posted above just look around theres 14 new songs from Bun on there but most are prob on that tape you already have
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damn how you type all of that faster than my shit. fuk. now it just look like i read ya shit and repeated it
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Lol I'm in school and teachers talk REALLY fuckin fast. Oh and I work at a law firm and the same applies. Plus I'm constantly writing papers nowadays (doin it right now actually). Had to learn to keep up lol
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i got this downloading now. i hope its straight. as far as bun b go, he has trill and II trill. those are real alblums. he may have some mixtapes on this site other than southern royalty/heavehittaz, i cant get them to work for me. i think some of his best shit is with pimp c hence "UGK".( i never used hence before) their shit grows on you. listen to alblum "dirty money" if you get a chance.
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Two Votes

Lol ok, two votes for dirty money is gonna get me to download it. Hence would work in that sentence if the combination of Bun B and Pimp C created UGK which is a term meaning something else, and idk if it does or doesn't I have run outta room on my ipod, but those 3 albums are next on my list to listen to
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Niggas like you should just go cop UGK's Greatest Hitz. And if you dig it then go find all they new shit.
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Dirty Money

I downloaded dirty money. That's it right?
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You gotta get Super

You gotta get Super Tight.....they all classics!
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Ok... I know I'm gonna get killed for askin this, but which Busta CD should I get? I hear him on a ton of features and I know he's an OG I just don't have any of his CDs
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I take it hiphop is not your #1 choice in music huh? "When Disaster Strikes" is pretty good.
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I mean, not till a few years ago. It has always been in the background, but rock had been in the forefront for a long time. Nowadays I can't live without out it. Just flows with my life now.
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You gotta think of age, I

You gotta think of age, I remember waiting for 2 years for Dirty Money to drop while they delt with that tax bullshit, but thats what I grew up on. I can play a song by Playa Fly called "Just Gettin it On" and that shit brings back so many memories, but that was like 15 years ago!! Some of these dudes are only 15!
zameltzer1's picture


I mean, I'll be honest. I'm only 19 so I'm in ur "bubble gum" range lol. My man growin up was Em for the most part. Lmao went thru my rock phase with Linkin Park (Fort Minor Shinoda's rap group is AWESOME) and some emo shit in mid 00s. Picked up rap round 17, and best friend has been fillin me in ever since. Lol he was tryin to hook me up earlier but I ignored him
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Lol and he told me to listen to Trill instead of II Trill instead.
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I dont even know if I should

I dont even know if I should admit this but I think I was 10 or 11 when I got into rap and it was because of 2 songs, but thats what was out back then, the Fat Boys "Wipeout" and Fresh Prince I cant remember the name of the song but it was about Freddy Krueger, I had the RECORDS for both! And I mean turntable records!! Then Ive been gettin 3-6 and Dj Squeeky tapes from Stereo One in Orange Mound since I was on a bike riding up there. I had to make myself like rock and I still dont that much, Sublime, Incubus, 311, Rage, most of my rock has hiphop roots. And still to this day country music makes me nauseous, except for Johnny Cash thats a bad motherfucker! Soul music is prob my fav out of it all, Bobby Womack, David Ruffin, Willie Hutch, Isley Brothers, thats my shit!!
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Jimmy Buffett

I grew up on Jimmy Buffett. Bar far my fav artist of all time. Yea that kinda rock, sublime incubus that kinda thing, always rubbed me wrong. My genre in rock is called pop-punk and (i know i know) emo. But not the i'm gonna kill myself because im a homo and rich and white and depressed emo. The emo that actually means something. Check out a band called Motion City Soundtrack to see what I mean. Lmao one of my fav songs is L.G. FUAD. youtube that. Or anything off their album "Commit this to memory." Might check out your soul selections cause its something I've been wanting to get into for awhile but didn't know where to start. especially off since Wale's New Soul song from Back to the Feature. Just sick. Oh and 70s rock is amazing.
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Ha thats whats up

yeah you talkin about nightmare on my street, that album also had parents just dont understand. Thats taking me back
zameltzer1's picture

II Trill

Been listen to it all day. So sick. Lovin that Lupe is on a . Between Trill and II Trill I gotta go with II Trill. Less G and more real which is what I like
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mayne the fat boys i

mayne the fat boys i remember when they had that movie out
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The Disorderleys!!

The Disorderleys!!
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finally old school cats in

finally old school cats in here. My sis had me jammin purple rain on the record.Lol
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playa fly

aww shit i aint hear from him in a minute. need to fuck with that " nobody needs nobody"
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2 years? Lol.Almost 4. In 98

2 years? Lol.Almost 4. In 98 Jr year I used to see it in the Source and wait on it...It didnt come out til my 2nd year in college.Lol....I think Pimp was locked up when it actually dropped.
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gayhar tha bitch

this fags track made me lafff..
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Song is sick

Btw song is sick!!
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fuck dem hustler haters...... I heard this early day a few old mostly new decent tape if you fuck wit luda and the cover making me thirsty and the kush got me wit kotton mouth good shit! {NO CODE OF CONDUCT}¤

"Jack and Coke"?

U gotta be white