Charles Hamilton - Well Isnt This Awkward


01 Cinematic Hallucinations (Intro)
02 Scorpion
03 Neverland
04 Romantic Vents
05 Re-Anna
06 Match.Com (Commercial Break)
07 You Too
08 Tengo Una Pregunta
09 Psycho Bitch
10 The Penthouse Elevator
11 In Case It Doesn't Work Out
12 In Case I Actually Get Her

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a background of this tape
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How is this?

I heard about this a while ago. Can abyone tell me how it is?

each itz on

Guess you gotta like charles hamilton, I only liked # 11
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This kid is straight fire...most original..dynamic...diverse shit in the game...n u dont have to just like charles hamilton...u gotta just like music...this kid draws from everything...mad Peace