Big Mike & Papoose - March Madness Pt. 3

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01. Papoose - The Nacirema Intro 00:36
02. Papoose - Brooklyn (World Premiere) 03:17
03. Papoose - Its Over (Laughin All The Way To The Bank) 04:16
04. 50 Cent - Exclusive Interview 08:07
(Speaks On Young Buck Leaving G Unit & The Fall Of G Unit)
05. 50 Cent Ft. Tony Yayo - Straight To The Bank 02:58
(Produced By Dr. Dre)
06. The Game - Bodybags (Tony Yayo Diss) 04:37
07. Duke Da God Ft. Camron - Suga Dooga 04:00
08. Hell Rell - Streets Gonna Love Me 03:39
09. Juelz Santana Ft. Lil Wayne - Favorite Things 04:03
10. Lil Wayne - Upgrade You 03:43
11. Lil Wayne - My Thang 02:53
12. Styles P Ft. Sheek Louch - Shine 02:19
13. Styles P Ft. Bully - Leave Me Alone 01:55
14. Papoose - U Can't Fake Consistency Interlude 00:28
15. Papoose - Victory 2007 03:41
16. Prodigy Ft. The Alchemist - Guns & Shanks (Not On Album) 02:40
17. Remo Da Rapstar - The Game Changed 02:07
18. Jae Millz - I'm Back 01:55
19. Gravy - Stuck To U 02:39
20. Lil Wayne - Ratchet Out 02:52
21. Lil Wayne - Lean 00:59
22. Lil Wayne - Reppin Time 03:12
23. Tony Moxberg - Together Forever 03:35
(Produced By The Heatmakerz)
24. Termanology - I Did It (Produced By Hi Tek) 01:44
25. G Kid Ft. Ransom - The Best There Is 02:36
26. Rawdoggs - Hiphop 02:46
27. Miliano (Conn Artists) - Freestyle 00:34
28. Papoose - The American Dream (Outro) 01:07

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nice wtf u mean nice, nice ,,,,,nice fuc u mean nice

WTF all u gotta say is nice do i stutter mothafukka


Ton da Don- he means its nice.



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Buck is too good to be part of G-Unit at this point of his career. Don't get me wrong, they gave him everything he needed to get his show started, but its time that he took things into his own hands. He deserves to be mixing it up with any artist out there, and not be limited because of the beef that 50 Cent brings to the dinner table. Get em Buck...

Buck's Gone

i dont know.
it doesnt seem liek a good move financially

i mean look at Game, all he does these days is diss G-unit
don't get me wrong i like Game, but come on

Don't get me wrong 50 cent makes some trash records, like the "Straight to the bank"
but the dude makes money and makes other peope money




(he disses bitches, like Vida Guerra too!) LOL


If Buck wants to stay

If Buck wants to stay getting that money....he stays with 50 and keep puttin out albums like BUCK THE WORLD, If he wants to get out, he will still be BUCK just without as much hype an $$$$!!! Regardless the artist in G-UNit besides Yayo are nice!!! As for GAME, without disses he's just another OK rapper!!! What was the record sale deferencial from his 1st from 2nd album??? (thats a serious question)

props, damn the units about

props, damn the units about to break up.


Yo that cat rawdoggz on track 26 is spittin some fire!! Anybody know anything about this dude?? Is he signed? Unsigned? Just a mixtape artist? Whats his story??

who do the instrumental of " ratchet out " of lil wayne

who do the instrumental of " ratchet out " of lil wayne; if someone have got the instrumental;please send this on my mail box; peace