DJ Whiteowl - Whiteowl Drop That

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1. 50 cent ft young buck - tony yayo & lloyd banks - elephant in the sand preview (dissin fat joe)
2. Jadakiss - jim jones - sheek louch - styles p - d block / dipset
3. Max b & french - fuck jim jones
4. Jr writer - freestyle
5. 40 cal ft bezel - dipset is over ???
6. Styles p & max b - look what u did
7. Lil wayne - the boss
8. Lil wayne - move
9. Lil wayne - stuntin'
10. Juelz santana ft t.pain - she got it (remix)
11. Eminem & obie trice - ballout
12. Jay-z - freestyle
13. 50 cent - rollin'
14. Fabolous ft red cafe fuck em all (dissin ???)
15. Fat joe - that white
16. Sheek louch - dope boy 4 real
17. Sheek louch ft grafh rampage
18. Grafh - freestyle
19. Peedi crack - get busy
20. M-uno - big promotion
21. Papoose - pop life
22. Sheek louch & geolani - the fast way
23. Two five - freestyle
24. Lil wayne & juelz santana - freestyle
25. Papoose - alright
26. Big truck - who u talkin to
27. Fat joe - speaking on fight with papoose & beef 50 cent
28. Papoose - speaking on fight with fat joe

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24 tracks on the tape....28 are listed on the site...what's really good with this? anybody cop this yet?

go buy it faggot instead of

go buy it faggot instead of downloading

This fag bag

What the fuck u doin on this site if u not downloading, get ur bitch ass outa here p.s suck ur mudda!!!!! Bitch!!!!!!!!

lol shut the fuck up u

lol shut the fuck up u london faggots have no other choice but to download

Shut up...London is

Shut up...London is late(very) we Dnt get mixtapes/Cd like this here...all we have fake street DJ's(tim Westwood/westfool)


will i do bro
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stupid ass

realniggarollcall wrote:
go buy it faggot instead of downloading
are you fuckin stupid? do you know what a mixtape is? do you know why you're even on this site? go ride another dick fan boy

yes i do in fact, ud be

yes i do in fact, ud be surprised of who i am...anyway...whats your definition of a mixtape? cuz where im from they are cd's exclusively found in the streets and pussy boys like all of you who are too cheap to buy them are killing the game by downloading...

damn dis is like papoose vs.

damn dis is like papoose vs. fat joe right here. darealsteve-o

updated cover with correct

updated cover with correct tracklisting has been added

Look Yall need to qiut

Look Yall need to qiut everybody downloading shit off this stop it.....and yeah i got money but i aint buying shit thats diss to nobody....but what choice do we have now-a-days in this rap game.......the game is horrible.....who wanna buy a album or mixtape without hearing it first....well i can only speak 4 myself but i dont.....sorry to all artist shit just dont be rockin no more

yep the music is gonna be

yep the music is gonna be horrible so long as no one is spending money on the music, than there would be no need for the "Ringtone rap" which gurantees money, you'd have real music too anyway if u had money you wouldnt be on "mixtapetorrent" so stop hummer stuntin playboy. and me? oh yeah i got money...

yep the music gonna be horrible

Don't be CONFUSED!!! Money is being spent on the music its not a money issue. Well it is but not the way you think. We're in the times of corporate formula rap the art of MCing is hard to be found. Covered in this i don't even know what to call it. People will support what feel to support to tell someone they shouldn't dl is to tell them they should blindly pay for a product without testing it. Why? cuz you have money? That makes no sense cuz all you'll be supporting in the end is this whatever music thats heard now. Ringtone raps aren't new its part of the formula just happens that people can get paid for it now. Same idea as 3 singles on an album but the rest is just filler CRAP!!

Fuck YOU!!!!

GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE! with that DON'T DOWNLOAD BULLSHIT. This site was made for that purpose so shut your lame ass up and get the fuck out if you don't like it cock sucka!

lol u west coast lames dont

lol u west coast lames dont have a choice either your market is the worst lmaooooo
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word....hip hop is dead...

word....hip hop is dead...


damn nigga just cuz that nigga whitehowl puts out a weak tape means hip hop is dead? listen to some real artist you'll hear some real shit.. real talk

Real Talk Homie

That nigga real talk knows what he's saying just cuz a WhiteOwl Dropped 1Bad mixtape shit check the motherfuckers resume you stupid ass wannabe hood niggas seriously check the resume bitches shout to real talk now thats fuckin real talk nigga what
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First of all whiteowl is THE SHIT..! Number one exclusive Dj. Secondly whats with the ppl sayin to stop downloading, if i couldn't download where would i get to listen to all the latest street shit, I live in Perth Australia we get no exclusive mixtapes here at all! I still cop all my favourite artists albums WHEN they come in but the mixtapes we dont get here. To order them over net would cost me even more than an album and by the time i get it the tunes would be old. End of story. Props to mixtape torrent and the uploaders. pce

2 right

2 right mayne im new zealand.we dont have a heavy mixape cop if we did.mixtapetorrents keep me up to date wit dat crack music.big ups.the next album id buy would be paps 2 copies.thuga

yall heard of MF DOOM.

yall heard of MF DOOM. Papoose is my favorite and he makes me proud to be a hip hop fan. so does 40 Cal. Saigon. WuTangClan. Hip Hop is not dead but there are some southern artists & the ringtone rap that was mentioned earlier that hurts the game. Some southern rap makes us retarded but shouts to PimpCBunBthree6mafia they mastered that style long ago

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i gotta bitch to suck my dick when nut she spit it on my gut an slurp that shit back up aint that aslut she even take it in the butt fuck for bout an hour now she want a golden shower u didnt no that we be pissin on hoes bitch i just wanted to add that shit in there fuck all u bitch ass niggas stop snitchin pimp slap all u bitches EsL 4 life simon

can someone pls

while you guys are replying to each other can someone pls tell us if the mixtape is hot or not? thanxs guys