Markfader - Pound4Pound Instrumentals Round 2


01 - Got Rhymes (Instrumental)
02 - One Of A Kind (Instrumental)
03 - Win Win Situation (Instrumental)
04 - A Breath Of Fresh Air (Instrumental)
05 - For Yall (Instrumental)
06 - Sweet Harmony Revisited (Instrumental)
07 - Lets Have A Drink (Instrumental)
08 - Fresh Tonight (Instrumental)
09 - Fresh Squeezed (Instrumental)
10 - Never Forget (Instrumental)
11 - Pina Colada (Instrumental)
12 - Speed It Down (Instrumental)
13 - Universoul Groove (Instrumental)
14 - Listen (Instrumental)

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Shit is nice

Beats were hotttt as hell. Nice to chill to, I had never really wasted space on my computer with instrumentals. This shit was well worth the download.

This niggaaa is bringing

This niggaaa is bringing something new to the gamee! keep at it!!

Yo, on the real, this nigga

Yo, on the real, this nigga dope. No BS, just straight up heat. Great job homie keep it up. I might try to spit on a couple of your joints if you don't mind.




Can these beats be used for PROMOTIONAL usage???

Props go out this homie! clean shit.

Ditto to everyone up in here, well worth the listen. light up a smoke, kick back and relax...