Markfader - Pound4Pound Instrumentals Round 4


01 - Long Absence (Instrumental)
02 - B-Boy (Instrumental)
03 - Potential Energy (Instrumental)
04 - Mission Viejo (Instrumental)
05 - Space To [Breath] (Instrumental)
06 - All Together Now (Instrumental)
07 - My Culcha (Instrumental)
08 - Too Late (Instrumental)
09 - West Coast Bangers (Instrumental)
10 - We Good (Instrumental)
11 - For How Long (Instrumental)
12 - Sitting Alone (Instrumental)

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NoOneNose Ririzzlm sum

NoOneNose Ririzzlm sum niddice shizzlm on this
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let me start by saying you shudnt care bout wat one persom or ppl say just keep doing wat u like, with that out the way.. these beats...ummm suck! n prety much all the beats you post are eeh lame but sum ppl make like ur unorthidox style so just do you i listend to them all the way threw so iam not just talkin shit iam jst stating my opinion n these beats dont...BANG they aint the type u cud roll dwn u street bumping wit sum clean lyrics bt thts jst me so keep up the work pz "Lo-Syph" _-Denvers King-_(Elo Hyphen Syph)

original shit

i luv u beats man It got that Jazz and Hip-Hop on it... And the old school instru on it... Hot shit...