Instrumentals To Greatness (Authored By Marion Write)


01 The Great Intro Instrumental
02 Get It Poppin Instrumental
03 Live And Let Die Instrumental
04 My Self Instrumental
05 So Into Me Instrumental
06 Everybody Move Instrumental
07 Kevin The Rant Instrumental
08 Love Affair Instrumental
09 Dream Merchant Instrumental
10 Separate From The Rest Instrumental
11 Find A Way Instrumental
12 Scene A Beautiful Day Instrumental
13 Classics Pro
14 Coming Back To Bread

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thats what im takin bout,

thats what im takin bout, actually gettin it in and makin ya own beats, now dont get me wrong i like the instrumental tapes that jus have songs that we already know but doesnt that say sumtin wen u make it yaself...


I wrote a song to Track 12 you gotta hear. I'm a pretty talented rapper from Georgia. I aint't the typical GA rapper tho. My myspace page is I don't have the song posted or anything but check some of my stuff out. I'll send the track to u if you send me your email address. I aint trynna get caught in any legal shit. I made the song for my fiance. If you say its cool I'll post it on my page for folks to hear.

hot tracks

these instrumentals are on point wish you the best of success fam!

i dont think this dude made

i dont think this dude made atleast one of the beats, cuz i kno mr. dream merchant is dviousmindz's shit which i did something to check me out