Jim Jones - Vampire Life (We Own The Night)


01 - No Vmas (Jim Jones Feat Sen City) (Produced By Brandon Youngstarr Henshaw)
02 - Genocide Jim Jones Feat Sen City (Produced By Jhalil Beats)
03 - Grand Slam (Jim Jones Feat Sen City & 2 Chainz) (Produced By Automatic)
04 - Riding On Empty (Jim Jones Feat Mel Matrix & Sen City)
05 - Get Low (Freestyle)
06 - So Athletic (Mike Vick) (Jim Jones Feat Maino) (Produced By Southside)
07 - Millionaries Wife (Jim Jones Feat Sen City) (Produced By Rich Lou)
08 - Play Your Part (Jim Jones Feat Chase) (Produced By The Olympiks)
09 - Letter To The Game (Jim Jones Feat Sen City)
10 - I Got Now (Jim Jones Feat Young Swift)
11 - Once Upon A Time (Jim Jones Feat Yo Gotti)
12 - Ganstas Dont Die (Jim Jones Feat Chris Luck & Sen City) (Produced By Mbz)
13 - The Untouchables (Jim Jones Feat Chase & Shoota)
14 - Kill Or Be Killed (Jim Jones Feat Kingpin Slim & Lady H) (Produced By Ricky Blaze)
15 - Vampire Music (Jim Jones Feat Mel Matrix & Sen City)
16 - I Like (Jim Jones Feat Young Swift)
17 - Annie Mae (Jim Jones Feat Two) (Produced By J Breeze)
18 - Scream (Jim Jones Feat Sen City & Logic) (Produced By Joe Black)
19 - Psycho (Jim Jones Feat Jr Writer & Sen City)
20 - Till Sunrise (Jim Jones Feat Chink Santana) (Produced By Joe Black)
21 - Ill Be Back (Jim Jones Feat Meek Mill & Fred Da Godson) (Produced By Jhalil Beats)
22 - Word 2 My Muva (Dj Self Feat Chubbie Baby Meek Mill Future & Jim Jones)
23 - Goin Thru It (Jim Jones Feat Jadakiss)
24 - Jb (Freestyle)

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What Happened To this site??????????????????????

Gangstas throwing lyrical grenades at each other used to be mixtorrent.com 's thing. Now the the comment delay? mfizzle, please, what is happening? It was so much fun with gangstas beefin' online on this site. What are we to do without the online gangsta beef you provided?___________________------->>>> nice to see this tape, I have not listened yet. ________>>>>>>>>FREE MAX B

they decided to meet in the

they decided to meet in the streets so now some niggas are dead so fizzle decided to limit the mixtapetorrent body count,hahaha tape is decent by the way i'll give it a 7
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Straight garbage

That's all I can say about this one. $$$$$ ONLY TIME CAN TELL $$$$$