Mick Boogie

Mick Boogie, nVMe & Duck Down Present - Survival Kit

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Survival Kit is an ode to KRS-ONE & BUCKSHOT's incredibly rich history of music.
Their classic hits have been reinterpreted by today's artists to watch.

Mick Boogie & D'Meitz - To Those With Wings

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Mick Boogie Presents Paulie Rhyme - Less Than Zero

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Mick Boogie presents Paulie Rhyme, Less than Zero is a 15 track opus of an
emcees take on being bred in the Midwest and breakthrough in the Bay. Paulie
Rhyme has been touring steadily since 2005 (Guy on the Couch, Green Giants, Ice
Bears, etc.) hitting the road in the US, Canada, & Japan with acts such as
Hezekiah (Beat Society), Prince Po (Organized Konfusion), and more. With a
strong D.I.Y. work ethnic and rooted in the teaching of the Zulu Nation, Rhyme
is definately aimed to move the crowd, rock the spot, and uplift your spirit.
With a combination of soul, boom bap, lyrics, and thought provoking concepts,
Less than Zero is a must have and gives the listener a full view of what is to
come in the future.

Featuring production by Keelay & Zaire, Vinroc, King Most, Amos Famous, Rey
Resurreccion, Besto, Tone X, Deedot, Joe Dukes, Soundtruck, with guest
appearances by Raashan Ahmad, Drastic, Proph the Problem, Wonway, Khai
Sharrieff, Edreys aka Billy Drease, Knobody, Do. D.A.T., Da Evangillest, K-
Swift, Solis Cin, Enoch, Inkfat, Wreckelekt, & Dj Rod Roc

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