Mick Boogie - Rick Ross: Rick The Ruler

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The Commissioner Mick Boogie commissions 'The Fucking Boss' aka.
the cat that Noriega owes 100 favors, Rick Ross. With Miami straight
blowing up after Ross dropped his five-alarm record "Hustlin," the ATL
trap-star Young Jeezy joins Rick with the young Def Jam-mers' boss,
Jay-Z, to bring you the official remix. To jump that off, Ross & Mick
bring you Rick The Ruler to remind you of how they hustle in the 305.

1 - Intro
2 - Rick Ross - Introduction
3 - Rick Ross - League Crew Freestyle
4 - Rick Ross, Young Jeezy & Jay-Z - Hustlin’ (official remix)
5 - Rick Ross - What You Know
6 - Rick Ross, Too Short & Pimp C - Money Maker
7 - Rick Ross, Daz, & Slim Thug - Real Shit (Mick Boogie mix)
8 - Rick Ross - Throwed Ish
9 - Rick Ross - The Ruler’s Back Part 1 (produced by The Kickdrums)
10 - Rick Ross - Interlude
11 - Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, Pitbull & DJ Khaled - Born & Raised
12 - Rick Ross & Dela - Kick In The Door
13 - Rick Ross, Biggie & The Clipse - Just A Memory (Mick Boogie mix)
14 - Rick Ross & Lil Wayne - Hustlin’ (remix #2)
15 - Rick Ross & Triple C - Whip It Real Hard
16 - Rick Ross, Nore & M1 - Yup
17 - Rick Ross, Bun B & Ty Cobb - On My Grind
18 - Rick Ross & Big Neil - Dope Boy (remix)
19 - Rick Ross - Interlude
20 - Rick Ross - Collar Poppin’
21 - Rick Ross, Shawnna, Lil Wayne, Busta & Pimp C - Gettin’ Some Head (remix)
22 - Rick Ross, Big Krit & Dre - Chevy Ridin’ High (remix)
23 - Rick Ross - Grippin’ Grain
24 - Rick Ross - Nike Airs
25 - Rick Ross - Outro
26 - Rick Ross - Doin’ My Job (Bonus Track)
27 - Rick Ross & Eddie Bauer - League Crew Radio Interview (Bonus Track)
28 - Rick Ross - I’m Bad (Bonus Track)

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are you serious???

this is one big 80 mb. mp3...... noone's gonna download this.... i whish it can be fixed...i want this

actually a shitload of

actually a shitload of people are downloading it. Sorry, we didn't make it 1 file, the group that released it did...it's out of our hands...every now and then this happens but hey, ya gotta make a few sacrafices when you're getting the shit for free, ya know?
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torrent isn't found??!!

torrent isn't found??!!

The files are now split,

The files are now split, re-download it
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still not single files

still not single files

Yup, they sure are. If

Yup, they sure are. If you're using azureus you can double click on the torrent then click files and it'll list them...and it's DEFINITELY single files, so I'm not sure what you're looking at.

its one file

its one file

actually it's 28 files not

actually it's 28 files not including the coverart and what not
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the torrent doesn't download, it continues to say connecting...

you're right, I guess this

you're right, I guess this tape hasn't been downloaded a few thousand times :) if it says connecting be patient and if you aren't already using azureus get it
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Rick is Suge Knight Undercover

Rick is BIG. I am feeling him a lot but not sure how long he's going to be about though. His flow isn't that strong. He is due his props for HUSTLIN'. Busta and Rick should have been the offical remix. Jay-Z is embarrassingly weak on that one. U.K. Reprezentin'. DK.