Mischef Sound Crew - Alliance Vs Portmore Empire


02-Mi Talk Wit Gunshot-Vybz Kartel
03-Real Killa(No Chorus)-Mavado
04-Weh Dem A Go/Thug Anthem-Vybz Kartel,Jah Vinci,Blak Ryno
05-Gangsta Nuh Play-Mavado
06-Kill Dem All/Shot A Buss-Vybz Kartel,Blak Ryno
07-Battyman Kartel-Mavado
08-Mentally Insane-Vybz Kartel
09-Batty Up Di Ting-Bling Dawg
10-Send Fi Di Magazine-Vybz Kartel
11-Caan Bad Wi Up-Mavado
12-Say It-Vybz Kartel
13-Warbridge RFX-Bounty Killer
14-Squeeze-Vybz Kartel
15-See It Deh-Busy Signal
16-Real Stingers-Blak Ryno
17-Dem Nuh Bad-Bounty Killer
18-Dem so Bad-Vybz kartel,Blak Ryno
19-Dem A Pree-Mavado
20-Nuh Batty Ting Counteraction-Vybz Kartel
21-Dem Run In A Church-Mavado
22-Bun Dem Skin-Vybz Kartel
23-Dem A No Gangster-Vybz Kartel

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this mix is wicked very nice

this mix is wicked very nice definitely worth the download thnx

y is it that these guys

y is it that these guys mixtapes are always short...... 23 tracks ...most dancehall mixtapes are at LEAST 50 well mixed tsrack

less is more

y do u want 50 short bad songs instead of 25 long playing better tracks fassyhole

props shout out to waterford

props shout out to waterford portmore, my old stumping grounds.

this mixtape is dope

ya mon a long tyme mi a wait fi this shit this mixtape is fukin crazy syll i luv it keep makin more DJ drop dem bom tape out reggae dancehall all day im a reggae singer 2 so if u wwanna do a song jus holla at ur boi Tingz look out 4 my mixtape comin soon from the TDOT cuz we bout 2 blow TDOT STAND UPPPPPPPPPPP


first off. this is a different style of mixtape focusing on he situation with portmore empire and the alliance. for longer mixes google mischef sound crew. and for homeboy from Toronto holla at me. djlazvagez@gmail.com