MKE Mixtape Radio (Hosted By Willie Shakes)


BFochs slid this thru...check it

1. Intro-Dj Willie Shakes
2. On Air-Dj Willie Shakes
3. Turn It Up- Mech and Drez
4. Niggaz Aint Real- Lil Hunned
5. T.M.B.- King Ice
6. No Condom No Way Commercial
7. Ray Rizzy Interview
8. I'm Jackin- Ray Rizzy
9. On Wat- JDUB
10. Stop-AD "The Muffin Man"
11. Knock It Out-Future Kingz
12. I'm Da Man- Flame
13. Pullin- Gudda
14. A Word From Our Sponsor(Karl Gebhard)
15. Ray Nitti Interview
16. Like I'm On- Mech and Drez
17. Grind- The Cranberry Show
18. I Do This- Young E, AGeesy
19. How To Do It- Bolo
20. Jangalang- Lil Dre
21. Shout Outs- Dj Willie Shakes
22. What Ya Man Don't Know- Remidy
23. See You In My Nightmares-Kanye West ft. Lil Wayne

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If you like this you'll love this. Trust.

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Im from the MIL so please support this movement

I dont know man...its got a

I dont know man...its got a parental advisory sticker on it. If my mom finds this...

Dis Shit Hot Milwaukee We

Dis Shit Hot Milwaukee We Finally Out Here Hard

Waz good

Milwaukee in here!!!!!


holdin it down for the 414 this shit is BUMPIN for real put milwaukee on the map already!!!