MobFiggaz Presents The X-Mas Mixtape (3CD) (Hosted By DJ Marcy Marc)


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cant believe it

that nigga tupac is rip how he droppin mixtape


r u ever dumb
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keeky da kidd wrote:
that nigga tupac is rip how he droppin mixtape

WOW. i didnt have an

WOW. i didnt have an account. but i created one just now. to say your an idiot. LOL.
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I hope u dun mean, that u impressed wit how tupac "dropppin mixtapes" cuz he dead homie.. just for your info nigga haha Gut it up, soft it up, roll it up

fukkin hot tape rite here

dam marcy marc u hosted A GUD ASS MIXTAPE!THEM MOB-FIGGAZ DJS BRING THE HEAT!y no 1 commentin on the mixes jus bowt that dum nigga sayin bowt pac!evre mix woz solid,loved fright night,fake ass bitches and that homeboys mix woz the shit!also loved them bone thugs mixes,fuk it loved em all!thanks 4 the drop

mob-figgaz djs stand up

hot,hot,hot,hot!evre mix is a banger!thnaks 4 the xmas present!r.i.p 2pac & biggie the best that ever did it

Tupac is alive dumbasses!!!!!!!!!!

Tupac is alive, read the 7 day theory!!! So shut the fuck up! U non-believing bitches!

r u fkin stupid lmao 2pacs

r u fkin stupid lmao 2pacs dad u dumb fuck they have pictures of him cut upp and it didnt pass on the news for nothing idiot whats rong with u fk and ya tell me wich idiot would hide in a house or something for tht long first off u have to pay the bill and shit so they would no ur there and by now some1 would of saw him lol but ne wayz looks like u forgot tht every thing past on the news and they have him dead




this the shit right here good kob dj marcy marc & the m mob-figgaz djs