Perfecto - Money Is Revolution (Hosted By DJ Strong & DJ Warrior)

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1. Cali Untouchable DJ's Intro 0:51
2. This is... 2:17
3. What Am I To Do Feat. Columbo Black 4:21
4. Sidekick You Feat. Captain Apollo 4:37
5. Lifeless Is A Culture Feat. Columbo Black 5:19
6. Knee Deep N Da Struggle 4:00
7. DJ Strong 0:57
8. All Money 5:05
9. DJ Warrior 0:11
10. Non-Fiction Feat. Captain Apollo & Nicole 3:35
11. Comin' Over Now Feat. Captain Apollo 6:18
12. G-Code Feat. Imaginitive Eye 5:56
13. DJ Warrior 0:14
14. Stay Ready Feat. Captain Apollo & Columbo Black 5:25
15. DJ Strong 0:12
16. As Time Goes By Feat. Shante Walker 3:00
17. DJ Warrior 0:22
18. We Don't Care Feat. Columbo Black, Captain Apollo & Thadd 3:20
19. It's Not You Feat. Nicole 4:34
20. DJ Warrior 0:11
21. Thang Close Feat. Nat Turner 2:40
22. DJ Qwess Mix 0:22
23. DJ Warrior 0:11
24. Shot Down Feat. Dead End Kid 5:10
25. All That I Know Feat. Captain Apollo 2:43
26. Burn In Hell 1:39
27. DJ Strong 0:25
28. Money Is Revolution Feat. Columbo Black 4:50
29. DJ Warrior HipHopWest.Com Outro 1:01

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this nigga perfecto looks like a bitch but i havent listened to this so it might b good

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this dude looks like john b from tha white rapper show. straight up bitch!

ole-bah ni-mi


Ton da Don- why dont u fools stop leavin dumb messages here talking about what he look like. your supposed to leave messeages about the mixtape. guess i'll have to d/l to find out then i'll leave the god damn message PUNKS

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you do dat

ton the punk bitch

It's about the music not looks!!!

Yo, DJ Warrior & DJ Strong search for new west coast talent by their music, not by the way they look or who the fuck they look like, hate all you want but he is on a mixtape cover, where is y'all pictures & what mixtape have you done? It's all good though, everybody is entitled to their opinion...