DJ Kronik Presents Money Right (Hosted By Brisco & Flo-Rida)

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This tape fire, theze boyz killing it. Flor-rida joint "Low" banging -- Coming to a club near you.


DJ Kronik's a good DJ, so you know this a good tape. Flo-rida, Bri$co, and FLA as a whole are blowin' the f*ck up! Poe Boy b*tch, you already know what it is.....FLA stand the f*ck up!!! "Let's get one thing clear/ the South's right here/ still got the Grammy for the album of the year/ 12 mill sold, still flyin' on Leers/ over 30 million dollars in the past 3 years/ cuz I gets money, money I got/ the first in the hood wit' the Bentley drop top/ the Jacob goes tick, the Automal goes tock/ fruity pebble diamonds, they say I'm on rockZ/ I get that gwapelay/ own 12 propertays/ only game I play, real life Monopolay/ PROPERLAY/ and ain't no need for apoloGies/ sorry is as sorry does/ follow me cuz" –Ludacris Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1