Fiend - Fiend 4 Da Money Pt 2


01 Intro
02 Hustle 4 What I Want
03 Ball On 'em
04 Fiend 4 Da Money Talk 2
05 Motor In Her Back
06 Playa Playa
07 Didn't I Tell You
08 Fiend 4 Da Money Talk 3
09 Spotlight Feat. Corner Boy P & Shawt
10 I'm Here
11 Knees Deep
12 Stay Alive
13 F-Ck Dey Hatin
14 Get Ya Weight Up
15 Suburbs
16 Living My Life
17 Walk Like A G Pt. Ii
18 Gangsta Muzik
19 Fiend 4 Da Money Talk 4
20 Pusha Man
21 Millionz
22 I Want It
23 Outro

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Fiend is Mr. Whomp Whomp,

Fiend is Mr. Whomp Whomp, y'all know how hard it is to find a copy of There's One In Every Family? Best No Limit cd.
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Heres alot of old No Limit

Heres alot of old No Limit shit, including Theres One In Every Family..

Say chop,

You know where i can get all the 2Live Crew classics from like the early 90's?? I have most of their shit but they all on tapes. Hook a broda up with a link mang I would really appreciate it.


check pirate bay
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2 live crew

Heres what I could find, its all the shit I remember from back in the day
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Yukmouth "Free at Last"

Man check out that new Yukmouth shits real fuckin good, I was surprised at how good it is
openmike's picture

Good Call

Yuk always puts out quality shit. I started paying attention to the Yay because of Too $hort, Mac Dre, and the Luniz (Yuk & Num). (lmao Eventually, I discovered Andre Nickatina.)
336 ~Rum and Cheerwine~ 704
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Appreciate the Support

Thx for being a Great Fan!!! w/o You who Are We? One In Evry Family #WhompWhomp @Shimmy2one6 Artist @Fiend4daMoney @SeanMcGee19
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@ Mark Waldo Ward if you

@ Mark Waldo Ward if you dont kno check out kickasstorrents they got everything! Breeze!!!
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Man I know the dude in the

Man I know the dude in the back ground, he asked me to pour half my beer in his cup when I was on Beale Street the other day, I told him I worked way to hard for that beer and that he should try it sometime! Ill check this out just cause Fiend will always have a classic in my eyes with "Theres One In Every Family"
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Yeah and "Street Life".
336 ~Rum and Cheerwine~ 704
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Glad fiend trying to make a come back

Looks like all the old school NOLA Nigga's are gettin outta Prison while Lil Wayne finding his way in Prison, so while he's down and out, it gives them a buttery walk way to slip right in to the game, That Mystikal and Fiend track Iont Like that! is tight, glad they linked up.., Turk out too but meh, i don't think he gone do shit lol..
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
* I Bleed Black and Gold, (20-10 Saints gone make noise again) *
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yeah we workin brugh check us out via below. #WhompWhomp @Shimmy2one6 Artist @Fiend4daMoney @SeanMcGee19
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nigga this a must d/l for me imma check out....thats a classic theres one in every family....
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I only fuck with a few... fiend one of em.
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I only fuck with a few... fiend one of em.
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Good Look

Shit pretty fuckin dope! Keep em comin. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
BGD's picture

whoooooooo not fiend

damn he take me back to my teenage days. now all i need is some silk da shocker and muthafucking new mystical and i might grab the AA/12 out da closet.gOOD LOOK FIENO!!!
patcol's picture

ahh this gone sound good in

ahh this gone sound good in the trunk, imma have to screw dis hea
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Can u send US a COPY once u Screw It??? @Shimmy2one6 Artist @Fiend4daMoney @SeanMcGee19
patcol's picture

yeah i got you

yeah i got you
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dj drama style

nigga i can screw run yo shit back dj drama style the whole 9 get at me fam im 31 so you know i got everythin you ever did my g WE RUN MISSOURI
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dats whats up lets here sum'n

dats whats up lets here sum'n
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Fiend, there's one in every family

Man, haven't heard this guy for a while. Glad to see that he's still making music, just checked out the cd and found about 6 songs that I kept. $$$$$ ONLY TIME CAN TELL $$$$$