DJ Whiteowl & NY CEO Present Lil Wayne: New Orleans Nightmare 8 (The Saga Continues)

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01. Lil Wayne - Intro 02:31
02. Lil Wayne - Lights, Camera, Action 03:27
03. Lil Wayne - We Don't Play That (Exclusive) 02:35
04. Lil Wayne - Freestyle 01:20
05. Lil Wayne - Pom Pom (Official Version) Ft Junior Reid 03:40
06. Lil Wayne - Cryin' 01:11
07. Lil Wayne - Full Clip 01:25
08. Lil Wayne - Always Strapped (Remix) Ft Juelz Santana 04:47
09. Lil Wayne - Cannon Pt 3 (New Verses) 01:57
10. Lil Wayne - I'm So Tired (Hot!!!) Ft Baby 04:03
11. Lil Wayne - We Stay Grindin Ft Baby 03:28
12. Lil Wayne - I Run This 02:58
13. Lil Wayne - The End of The Road 00:56
14. Lil Wayne - Welcome 01:05
15. Lil Wayne - Believe That Ft Baby 04:02
16. Lil Wayne - We Come To See Bout It 03:14
17. Lil Wayne - Come 4 Me 04:08
18. Lil Wayne - Pop It 4 The Paper Ft Cassidy 02:57
19. Lil Wayne - The Life 02:27
20. Lil Wayne - 6 Shot 01:26
21. Lil Wayne - Freestyle 01:21
22. Lil Wayne - Freestyle 00:59

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keep em coming

got to love the weekly tapes by wayne and yes I do numbers but not 5 oh. MURDER!!!

gotta slow it down

nice up here. but djs gotta relax on the lil wayne mixtapes. his shit would land harder if they just stopped recycling his songs. let em put out 18-20 songs that are new, not a few sprinkled in w/ old stuff. but other than that, its a good mixture, some of his best recent tracks all here. great for the cd user, not so great for the ipod user. thx for the up jada1212
dirtyjersey16's picture


cannon pt 3 ??? nothing new bout that pH[x]illadelph


couple new tracks, the rest,refurbished. Dj's, for real stop this ish!!! hop off this ni**a di*k and let him do HIS ish!!! stop fu*kin wit remixes and recyclin!!! what. captain planet dj's, recyclin his bars!!!


not really feelin' the voice effects that wayne (or the DJ's) have been using recently... Always Strapped is not a remix, its the same shit...Cannon Pt. 3 is the same exact shit...
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the self proclaimed greatest

the self proclaimed greatest rapper alive - i think not, more like the most overrated rapper alive i mean baby probably banged wayne like chris stokes banged b2k anyway, and people think hes some super thug genius lyricist - are y'all trippin? people like crooked i and tradgedy khadafi etc are 100times better than the weasel weezy is losing it if you ask me, alot of his recent stuff has been proper shit merry xmas everyone tt