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For those of you that are familar with Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO you know that it can be a hard task to master. At times it takes large amounts of work which means a large amount of time. For those of you that use SEO Services or applications to speed up the process of getting backlinks and traffic to your website or blog then you know that it can become a process of weeding out the bad services. There are many applications out there you can use yourself and one is XRumer. XRumer is a very powerful forum and blog commenting tool and can get you ranked high in the SERP's in a short period of time. The issue with the application is being powerful and with the massive amount of options it can be intimidating to use (atleast successfully). After beating my head against the wall for a long time I started to master XRumer and HRefer and decided to share the information with other XRumer users so in return they could contribute and give back. So the process of starting a XRumer related forum was started. XRumer Elite is dedicated to providing XRumer help, XRumer Videos, and XRumer Tools as well as other SEO related topics. [URL="http://www.xrumerelite.com"]XRumer Forums[/URL]