Jay Rock - Watts Finest - Vol. 2

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Jay Rock is the next nigga to blow, please get his mixtape, and I'm sure many others agree.

Watts Finest - Vol. 2 The Nickerson Files

1 Where Is Jayrock
2 Welcome to Watts
3 50 Bars of Real Sh*t
4 Its Goin Down
5 Man Cry (freestyle)
6 The Call 1 (Dj Dave)
7 Me 2
8 Without My Gun Feat. Storm
9 Gotta Have Heart Feat. Kdot, Big Wy
10 Keep They Heads Ringin
11 U Aint Sayin Nothin Feat. AJ, Lil Louie, Kdot
12 Thats On Bloodz Feat. Big Wy
13 Real Watts City G's
14 Put That Gun Up Feat. Kdot, Carl Ray
15 La to Ny Feat. Gravy
16 The Call 2 (Musa)
17 Spit Yo Game Feat. Emjae
18 Neck of the Woods Feat. Lil Louie
19 La Sh*t Feat. Kdot
20 Gun and Drugs
21 The Call 3 (Dj Dave)
22 Can't Stop
23 Tell Yo Momma Remix Feat. Kdot, Snoop Dog

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can someone get me this
can someone get me this mixtape

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Get this please
Get this please