APB!!! to all old school heads. (tony touch)

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In search of Tony Touch series mixtapes. I currently dug up Tony Touch 53 and am in the process of transferring it to digital media. It's so hot I'm telling you, once I get it to mp3 format I'm gonna upload it and blow everyone's face off with it. If anyone has Tony Touch 48 Rican Renegade please get at me. I know someone out there has these mid 90's (golden era) mixtapes. There has to be a shop in Ny or Philly with old mixtape cassettes sitting in the basement collecting dust. You're sitting on gold. Enough of these new trash mixes, (don't get me wrong dj's nowadays have skill but the content is garbage) I wanna hear some mid 90's exclusive tracks made just for the mixtape it was on. Oh yeah, I've searched all over the net, and can't seem to find the track listing for any of the old Clue or Tony Touch tapes. There needs to be a place to catalog and reference all the old stuff before it disappears forever, swallowed by this new isht called "hip hop."
somewhere between Jersey and Delaware.