Hard In Da Paint (Hosted By Big Nick & DJ AK)


01) Intro-Hittmenn Intro
02) Big Dog-Big Rick Rude
03) How You Do That-Big Rick Rude
04) I Dig That-Tony Stacks Big Rick Rude
05) All I Do-Big Rick Rude
06) Touch Stacks-Big Rick Rude Tony Stacks
07) Hard In The Paint-Big Rick Rudeyoung Vonswisha
08) Blowin Good Feelin Good-Big Rick Rude
09) Blow Os-Big Rick Rudeswisha
10) Shopaholic-Big Rick Rudetony Stacks
11) Whats On Your Mind-Big Rick Rude
12) In And Out-Big Rick Rudetony Stacks
13) Playmaker-Tony Stacks
14) Im The One-Tony Stacks
15) Numbers-Big Rick Rude
16) Clean 745S-Big Rick Rude
17) Hittem Wit It-Big Rick Rude
18) Hard Drive-Tony Stacks
19) Swag Tough-Tony Stacksswisha
20) Bitch In Yall-Big Rick Rudeyoung Vontony Stacks
21) Roll Da Credits-Swishabig Rick Rude Jimmy Hennec
22) Spaceship-Tony Stacks
23) Ride On Out-Big Rick Rudetony Stacks

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not bad

fuck boys dont mind me!! this here not bad at all...neva heard of dude.
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Preciate It

Check us out on myspace...We have another mixtape about to drop in a few months hosted by P Exclusive...Make sure you tell a friend about us...We got next!!! http://www.myspace.com/streetsmartentllc