OG Ron C Presents Wiz Khalifa - Kush & Orange Juice

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01. Og Ron C And Jimmy Speak
02. Up (Candlemix)
03. We're Done(So So Def)
04. Glass House
05. Chopstars Wake N Bake
06. Never Been
07. Mezmorized
08. In The Cut
09. Good Dank
10. Still Blazin
11. Chopstars Skit
12. The Kid Frankie
13. Pedal To The Medal
14. The Statement
15. Spotlight
16. Visions
17. Supply
18. Chopstar Jimmy Skit
19. Outro

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Nice! was waitin on a real

Nice! was waitin on a real C&S DJ to do this.
Grizz TTU's picture

Not Exactly What I Had In Mind

When i said i wanted more c/s i didnt mean i wanted this douchebag chopped n screwed.
Grizz TTU's picture

Not Exactly What I Had In Mind

When i said i wanted more c/s i didnt mean i wanted this douchebag chopped n screwed.
Mr.Southwest's picture

Screwed and chopped is

Screwed and chopped is everwhere but only Og Ron C And Pollie Pop, Are the best out the Screwed and chopped shit, And whats it to You anyways nikka? Didnt you claim you were from New York or some shit? Shouldn't you be jammin That John Legend And the Roots Shit? Yall Nikka's Wack homie, The Only Dudes that Got Good shit Is The nikka's From Harlem Real Talk! Other then that the rest sucks, The nikka's Thats tryna Be in the rap game, Sucks.. I mean yall basically aint shit without Harlem..Upgrade ya music bruh..By the Way the Ravens fukin sucks or The jets or who ever you rooting for nikka...Its all up to the Colts and the Patroits.
Grizz TTU's picture

No Wonder You always Gettin Clowned On

You do say some dumb ass shit man, i never talked shit to you before cus ive always felt bad watchin you get bashed on by every user on here but now i can see why everyone does and at what point did i ever claim ny? im from texas T-E-X-A-S, born in SA (San Antonio Just in case you dont understand you fuckin retard), now go to texas tech university ... but i guess that never occured to you bc you never seen my pic of crabtree scoring on my avatar or relized my name stands for 1. Grizz (grizzly wintergreen longcut dip) 2. TTU (Texas Tech University) real texas traits but you wouldnt know anything about that. and fuck you and your bandwagoning ass, nigga i have been with the Houston Texans since the Carr years so shut yo ass up!!!! plus who da fuck gets denied from the military, those guys are pretty fucking desperate for bodies but yet you didnt make the cut hahaha and you claim u attend phoenix online???? HAHAHA!!!!!! I really hope you have real friends man, ones that are actual humans
Grizz TTU's picture

O ya one more thing

Ron C is good yes thats tru but have you ever heard of a guy by the name of Micheal "5000" Watts??? ya hes pretty fucking raw, il stand by swishahouse thru thick and thin, kinda like the texans but you (Mr.Southwest), You have no loyalty. well besides realitykings.com you fuckin lonely azz BITCH

Thowd azz tape mayne!

Just in time. I just rolled and xtra large green optimo candela. Packed a whole dub sack extra tight in dat beetch!
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Ive never really got the whole chopped and screwed shit, to me it just sounds like the voice has been slowed down. Maybe its just me or can someone put me on to a quality C&S tape, im willing to give it a chance, as ive said before its hard to find decent tunes but i dont think i can be converted to the C&S scence.
Fireball's picture

Well if you were high,

Well if you were high, listening to it is a experience like no other. But I find the older chopped and screw tapes much better. One of the best I liked is ''DJ Michael 5000 Watts & Swishahouse - Benjamins & Grants 2K8 (Screwed AND Original Version)'' Give that a listen. Other then that check out http://mixtapetorrent.com/swishahouse-mixtapes?page=1
ngibo's picture


I think it might be a american thing the chopped and screwd thang but will give your suggestions ago.Thanks for that will give them a try and will roll a fat one!
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You were right nigga that Michael Watts n Swisha tape was bangin!!! never thought id like tha shit man. I blazed up a super lemon haze laid back an felt that shit! I guess when its C&S well its good, in england we dont really here tha shit but il be spreadin the word. Sayin that i was,nt feelin this tape to much, im off to get me some swisha house tapes
dninc's picture

Yup, the idea is to give you

Yup, the idea is to give you a tripped out effect when you high from Drank or smoke, or whateva high you get on, if you got good strong weed things already slow down visually and physically the C&S gives you that vocally extra effect and you feel like you swimming in your skin lol


dninc wrote:
and you feel like you swimming in your skin lol
You hit the screw right on the head wit this one.. Dats exacly how it makes me feal! I always thought you b frontin tellin boyz you blow indo. Now i believe you.. haha!
ngibo's picture


Yeahh man your right i just laid back blazed up an lost myself in the tunes lol. That super lemon haze is trippy at the best of times, the C&S shit just enhanced the experience.


niggas always try to do something extra wit classics and try 2 get KNOW..... i wudd accept DJ Mike Watts 4rm the SwishaHouse...but dis nigga fuck no...

Stop cryin nigga

U aint built 4 diz! If u aint down wit diz screw shit u dont have to push the link. Diz tape is thowd az hell mayne! Get chu a sack of indo and a cup of that purple bar and jam ta diz beetch!!

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This Shit Go Hard

NICE!!!!!Southwest Souljas