OJ Da Juiceman & Trap-A-Holics - 6 Ringz (The Michael Jordan Edition)

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1. 6 Ringz: The Michael Jordan Edition Intro
2. 6 Ringz (Prod By Lex Luger)
3. Ohh No Ft. Jody Breeze & C Bone (Prod By Hamsquad)
4. All My Life (Prod By Hamsquad)
5. Watch Da Dope Lock Ft. Bro-Dash (Prod By Jody Beats)
6. I Got Ringz (Prod By Lex Luger)
7. Own My Own Team Ft. D.R.E. (Prod By Lex Luger)
8. I Remember (Prod By Lex Luger)
9. I'm Get It (Prod By Hamsquad)
10. Halftime- On That Gas Interlude
11. Kickin It Ft. Young Chris & G.K. (Prod By Drumma Boy)
12. Long Time Coming (Prod By L Crum)
13. My Fist (Prod By Nitty)
14. Bags Ft. Young Dro (Prod By Beat Billionaire)
15. Sausage Ft. D.R.E. & Tony B (Prod By Lex Luger)
16. Freestyle (Prod By Nitty)
17. Susie (Prod By Nitty)
18. I Talk To My Car (Prod By M-16)
19. Million Bucks (Prod By Nard B)
20. Bread N Da Kitchen (Prod By BJ Beats)
21. Bong (Prod By BJ Beats)
22. 6 Ringz Outro

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The only good comment I can

The only good comment I can make about this mixtape is that it doesn't have his ugly ass on the cover.
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mixtape goes hard

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Trap Beats

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Jay-Z already claimed to be

Jay-Z already claimed to be the Mike Jordan of rap, Robert Horry got more rings anyways

whoever in any kind of way

whoever in any kind of way had anything to with making this tape should be hurt.......badly.. He should never ever ever be compared to MJ. or even have his name in the same sentence..

this is that sh**

if u like juice u gonna like this.... and another thing,he never claimed to be the mj of rap for 1 and 2 this tape go hard...SIE

scratch that

** i mean compared to mj.. he never was.. its the concept
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not that i was expecting to like it but this was the worst tape ive ever heard in my life---at least trapoholic drops are mad funny---U CANT FIND THIS ON THE INTERNET
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the nerve of this nigga.....

growth & development... fuck this nigga jordan the greatest ever done it oj fag ass the worst ever done it!!
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Do yall be hatin So much?! Maybe Juice like jordans.... Maybe juice just went and copped dem sweet azz six rings and said.... aye.....den called trap a holics up and told dem about how sweet da shoes is and the did a mixtape about da shoes.... u cant hate just cause it say hordan on the cd....Hell... MJ probably sponsoring the shit.... u neva kno
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you so stupid?^^^

growth & development... nigga that was the most stupid retardation ass shit i seen a nigga type on here ever you must be one of them lames that couldnt afford jordans so ur mom got you a pair called hordans fuck OJ and his female fan base!!
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juice is ok, you gotta like

juice is ok, you gotta like simple trap music tho the mixtape is is probably a 6.5 if you like juice man its worth the d/l if not don't waste time, and if you dont like him or his music dont comment thats lame find something better to do with your time *GODS FAVORITE*


Ok, I'm a couple days late but, DIS SHIT GO HARD AS A BITCH ! OMFG ! If you a hater FUCK YOU !
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hell yeah official shit

hell yeah official shit