Outasight - Further


01 Outasight - Further Everything's Alright
02 Outasight - Catch Me If You Can
03 Outasight - Don't Say Anything
04 Outasight - Help!
05 Outasight - Brand New Day
06 Outasight - Downtown In My Mind
07 Outasight - Everyone Gets Laid
08 Outasight - The Walk Of Shame
09 Outasight - 3 Cheers Forever
10 Outasight - Celebration
11 Outasight - Stranger Than Fiction
12 Outasight - Better Late Than Never
13 Outasight - Here We Go Again
14 Outasight - The Introduction

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dont sleep on this cat. OU

dont sleep on this cat. OU got some dope music. its a different style so it might not appeal to some or most on this site but he definitely got some skills. check his from there to here tape to.
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NoOneNose Ririzzlm Yuright

NoOneNose Ririzzlm Yuright [you are right]. Quite thze nice music on this mixtizzlm and it is most definitely a different style. As a hiphop fan but a music listener first this is marvelocity not always thze same shizzlm; new artists, new styles so that comes down to creating new music (not everyone in thze music world by thze way).
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Def. different but nice. Needed something new
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wow i like this drop

hey 4real this isn't a bad drop, i like this kind of sound like the Beastie Boyz mixed with some old skool and rock i'd say DL this