DJ Benzi Presents Outasight - Get It Together

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01 Outasight - Tonight's The Night
02 Outasight - Change The World
03 Outasight - She's Leaving Home
04 Outasight - Near The End (Feat. Freddie Gibbs)
05 Outasight - Setting Sun
06 Outasight - Life Or Something Like It
07 Outasight - Loosen Up
08 Outasight - It's Like That
09 Outasight - Lush Life (Feat. Xv)
10 Outasight - Everything
11 Outasight - Stays The Same
12 Outasight - Figure 8
13 Outasight - Never Say Never
14 Outasight - Catch Me If You Can (Remix) (Feat. Asher Roth)
15 Outasight - Losing My Mind
16 Outasight - So What
17 Outasight - The Graduate

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dope mixtape, dont sleep on

dope mixtape, dont sleep on this dude but had this like a week ago. loosing my mind and so what are my fav tracks on here
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Yup, heard already a other tape or maybe two of him. Check it. Was already a while ago but i think they are also somewhere on this website.


Im judging this one just by the cover im sorry.

Gangsta Gibbs

Faux wit'em so I gave it a go. Definitely different. But I digs it.