P.Dukes - Easy Money Vol.2 (Hosted By DJ Scream)

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1. (00:03:05) P. Dukes - Intro (Time)
2. (00:03:05) P. Dukes - That's What I Do (Prod by Murda Marc)
3. (00:03:40) P. Dukes - I'm All That (Prod by Mook Da Great)
4. (00:00:14) P. Dukes - I Be On The Nat F. Rula (Prod by Marvelous J)
5. (00:03:27) P. Dukes - 100 Stax F. Mistah Fab (Prod by 2 Much BTP)
6. (00:03:25) P. Dukes - Ball Out (Prod by D. Rich)
7. (00:03:28) P. Dukes - I'm Fly (Prod by Mook Da Great)
8. (00:03:56) P. Dukes - East Money Interlude
9. (00:00:27) P. Dukes - Why Not Me (Prod by Jaytastic)
10. (00:03:31) P. Dukes - Big Kickin It F. Ray Monee (Prod by Mook Da Great)
11. (00:02:34) P. Dukes - Uptown Free
12. (00:02:13) P. Dukes - Zonin F. G Fresh (Prod by Mook Da Great)
13. (00:03:35) P. Dukes - P. Dukes (Prod by Zaytoven)
14. (00:03:50) P. Dukes - Partyin' (Prod by Doughboy Beatz)
15. (00:03:33) P. Dukes - Momma (Prod by Kids Wit Machine Gunz)
16. (00:02:49) P. Dukes - Another Day (Prod by Jon E. Kash)
17. (00:03:28) P. Dukes - Make Me A Way (Prod by Phatboi Ent)
18. () P. Dukes - Outro (Prod by Mick Vegas)
19. (00:00:02) P. Dukes - Never
20. (00:03:57) P. Dukes - Said and Done (Produced by Doughboy Beatz)

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PDukes is da hardest

PDukes is da hardest unsigned artist in da south period. after listenin to this tape, U will see why i say dat.
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P. Dukes str8

Southside Atlanta cat. This mixtape is pretty str8. Production is good, lyrics are good. Somebody different to listen to *Note: Track listing is off* 7/10 ^^If U Knew Better U'd Do Better^^