Pig Pen - Best Of 2008



Pig Pen's best beats of 2008. He's been producing for dudes around the
Detroit area for awhile now. Check him out and his group Waste Managment
@ his myspace!

1. Intro
2. Bashin
3. Wow
4. Wedding Bells
5. Sleepy Story
6. Winter Picnic
7. D'angels
8. Strong As Death, Sweet As Love
9. I'm Thinkin
10. Impossible
11. What's My Name
12. We Haven't Got Time
13. Drunken Hero
14. Raw Future
15. Four More
16. Never Home
17. Camo
18. I Smell Shit
19. Turn Me Out
20. Try Me
21. D Shit
22. Doodoo
23. Innocent Simpson

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waste managment

YO YO you know pistol pete
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hit us up

HTTP://KRISTHOMAS.WEBS.COM/ liked the tape - check us out and see if you wanna do some work. we looking put out some tapes before our strong release this summer. "Loyalty: if it is true, it covers all the things people long for - love, trust, peace, accountablilty, honor, respect, and grace. If I can have but one thing, may it be loyalty." - Kris Thomas