Rain - The Magic Hour


1. Intro
2. My Story My Glory (Prod. By DJ Pain 1)
3. Works For Me (Prod. By DJ Pain 1)
4. Love Song (Prod. By DJ Pain 1)
5. Baby Don't Do It (Prod. By The Grizzlies)
6. One Mans Trash Interlude
7. Another Mans Treasure (Feat. Apryl Sashay) (Prod. By Rain)
8. Houdini (Feat. Lure) (Prod. By Keep Pushin)
9. You Asked For It (Prod. By Bink!)
10. Wasn't Made For These Times (Prod. By The Rush)
11. Any Other Way (Prod. By Rain)
12. Magic Hour (Feat. Keep Pushin) (Prod. By DJ Pain 1)

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Album Cover Is Pretty Unique

Album Cover Is Pretty Unique But Dude Got Mad Skills...Dont Sleep On This Nigga }-Playa Hater's Catch The Vapor's From The Gar's & The Paper's-{