One Chance - Aint No Room For Talkin


01 - Intro
02 - No Name (Prod By T-Pain)
03 - Youre The One Feat Young Cah (Prod By Bishop Jones)
04 - Me And You Feat Doughboy (Nappy Headz) (Prod By T-Pain)
05 - Sexin On You (Prod By Young Fyre)
06 - Xtacy Feat T-Pain (Prod By T-Pain)
07 - Showtime (Interlude)
08 - Gangsta Girl (Prod By T-Pain)
09 - Encore (Prod By Young Fyre)
10 - Cowabunga (Prod By Young Fyre)
11 - Backstage (Interlude)
12 - So Emotional (Prod By Bangladesh)
13 - Rock Bottom (Prod By District 9)
14 - Echo (Prod By T-Pain)
15 - Outro

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Dont sleep on these niggas.

Dont sleep on these niggas. This mixtape go hard on that bedroom tip.


This shit looks lame as fuck! Im not even going to bother.
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Pretty boy mothafuckas. I

Pretty boy mothafuckas. I hate how they are looking at me on the cover. Weirdo's