Ras Kass - The Endangered Lyricist


01 Save The Ras Kass Intro
02 Revelations 22-22
03 Goldyn Chyld (Remix)
04 Soul On Ice (Remix)
05 Home Sweet Home
06 Understandable Smooth
07 Live As I
08 Van Gogh
09 Bentleys & Bitches
10 I Know I'll Be Free
11 Write Where I Left Off
12 Interview With A Vampire
13 Rasassination
14 H20 Proof
15 Nature Of The Threat
16 Ghetto Fabulous

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Somebody download this and tell me if is good
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Its fire if you dont already

Its fire if you dont already have most of Rass's shit
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classic material

Fuck it...this some real hip hop shit here.
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if you up on this you should have all this but if not d/l this 'Rap is something you do. Hip-Hop is something you live.' -KRS-ONE
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You shouldnt even question

You shouldnt even question dwnldn this..ITS AUTOMATIC!
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he's a legend! automatic d/l

he's a legend! automatic d/l !!!!!$allergic to broke people$


yo that hrsmn need to drop fo real
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The last mixtape he put out

The last mixtape he put out was good.. So this got ta be good