Reno Chinati & El - 2 Sided Story The Best Of Both Worlds


1 Intro
2 Favorite Girl
3 No Good
4 Cant Stop The Reign
5 Call Me
6 Across The Globe
7 U And I
8 Alone
9 Girls Best Friend
10 Nice And Slow
11 Here We Go
12 I Really Like You
13 International Girl Ft QBeans
14 Taillight Special
15 Stronger
16 No Less

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i have NO IDEA what this mixtape is or who these 2 guys are, but it looks like a Chicago mixtape to me LMFAO, these are the kinds of people your soft ass city breeds LMFAO, check out dudes hat and coat, pretty smooth i would say LOL gotta cop me one of those shit skin leather jackets, shits fly lol! chicago is soft as fuck WOW, maybe these guys aint from chicago i dont know, it just looks like that, it says miswest music at the bottom and the one fruitcakes name has "chi" in it, who knows and who cares?


majic d shines these niggaz shoes.

its called 2 sided story,

its called 2 sided story, the gear in the top is supposed to represent coming up from poor and the bottom is rich. dude im high as shit and your the one bein a dumb slut
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what you said just made NO SENCE, put the crack pipe down junior, dont type while your high, cause the shit you saying dont make any sense, maybe to you, but to others it dont ok