Rumorz - The Souloist (Hosted By DJ Ill Will)

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01. Intro Feat Dj Ill Will Prod By Masta Productions
02. Popular Demand Feat Arif & Tito Lopez
03. Cupid's Got A Gun Prod By Slantize
04. Like A Star
05. Journey Feat L. Hayes & Grafite (Prod By Johnny Juliano)
06. Drop Freestyle
07. Throw Our Love Away Prod By 2Deep
08. Life Is A Stage Feat Grafite & P. Rez
09. Gangster's Paradise Prod By Sinima
10. The Resurrection Prod By M Dot Productions
11. Remember The Name Feat Sinima (Prod By Sinima)
12. Get Into You Feat Grafite
13. Clint Eastwood (Dui Remix)
14. Danger Feat Marka (Prod By Vybe)
15. Self Expression
16. I'm Alive Feat Tania & Grafite (Prod By Mister Ka)
17. For The City Freestyle
18. Get Up Freestyle
19. I Love College Remix
20. Say Yeah Freestyle Prod By Flawless Tracks
21. Souled Out Show Prod By Heavy Weight Beats

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Jack.Herer's picture

Ben Affleck

When did he start putting out mixtapes?
illk's picture


dude looks wild homo ...Screw'd up ~ Lo'd down...
Rbooker32's picture

Good Tape**

I liked Journey, and Danger Good qualty tape
fullclipp's picture

didnt like the voice i

didnt like the voice i turned it off after 3 seconds of hearing him

shit was pretty ok im not

shit was pretty ok im not gonna listen to it every single day at work, but i might put it on a blank cd and wait a while till i forget what it is and put it in to see what it was