S-Preme - The Sicktape Vol 2 (Hosted By Terry Urban)

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The Sicktape sees S-Preme narrating the spikes and spirals of being an aspiring
MC. Each track unveils another chapter in the protagonist's journey thru the
limelight, including some unexpected hurdles that many in the industry are all
too familiar with. By the end, The Sicktape will have rising stars and star-
gazers wondering whether the "big time" truly is worth the sacrifice of mind,
body, and - in most cases - the soul.

Guest spots from Amanda Diva and ESSO along with production from Soundtrakk
(Lupe Fiasco's in-house beatsmith) and Charles Hamilton set the scenes for this
audio odyssey.

1. Introduction
2. Glass Ceiling
3. Radio (prod. by Aeon)
4. Go Hard (prod. by Soundtrakk)
5. Top of the World (prod. by Mr. Music)
6. Skit Two
7. Swagger Change (prod. by MiniMaxx)
8. V.I.P feat. R≤isφn Murphy (prod. by R≤isφn Murphy)
9. Shoppin' (prod. by Woody's Produce)
10. Future Me (prod. by Woody's Produce)
11. Etch-a-Sketch (prod. by BigOne)
12. The Weird One (prod. by Noone)
13. Sit and Stare (prod. by Aero-Beats & StewRat)
14. Goin' Away feat. Mr. Music (prod. by Mr. Music)
15. Clear (prod. by AmpLive)
16. Breaking News (prod. by Charles Hamilton)
17. Akira Saves Me feat. Krewella (prod. by Blublockr)
18. Say Goodnight feat. Krewella (prod. by Aero-Beats & StewRat)
19. Skit Three
20. Still Fly
21. Hold It Down (prod. by Boogz)
22. Home feat. Amanda Diva & Esso (prod. by Mylon)
23. The Underdog (prod. by Soundtrakk)
24. Outro (prod. by Soundtrakk)

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