Seymour The Painter - IMMYOWNGOD


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01. IMMYOWNGOD (Intro)
02. U Think U Touch (Ft. Coach)
03. Light Light The Weed Up (Ft. Vianchi, Vail and Coach)
04. Be 4 The Traffic Stop (Ft. Coach)
05. Slavemaster (Ft. St. John and Malcolm X)
06. Rollin Freestyle
07. Pu$$y Smell Lik Water (Ft. Plastik)
08. Dead Serious (Ft. Coach)
09. Alot of Ni@@#s
10. We Gon Make It (Ft. Castle and Coach)
11. Concrete Jungle
12. Ur Mind Is Lost
13. America The Brave (Ft. Tha Phuture)

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so that's your cool super

so that's your cool super rapper name?? Seymour The Painter hahahaha