Shye - Shutup, Rollup & Ride (Hosted By DJ Ill Will & DJ Rampage)

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Raised in Harvey, IL the South Suburbs of Chicago Rapper Shye teams up w/ DJ Ill
Will & DJ Rockstar to drop his first Official Mixtape "Shutup, Rollup & Ride"

01. Intro
02. Airplanes
03. Uk Cheese
04. Bitches & Weed Prod By Novakane & Shye
05. Coolkids Freestyle
06. Break Off Prod By Dj Victoriouz & Tapes
07. Tonight Prod By Johnny Juliano
08. My Nigga Prod By Dj Victoriouz
09. Interlude
10. Shutup Rollup
11. She Wanna Go
12. My Ex
13. So Good Prod By Surround Sound
14. Time Is Money Prod By Phanton Beats
15. In The Studio Freestyle
16. Secret Lover
17. Shoot Dice Prod By Novakane
18. Beautiful Prod By Epik The Dawn
19. Outro

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nice tape. dudes got skill.

nice tape. dudes got skill. a little drake/weezy/currensy/fabolous style almost copied tho but hes got my interest with this tape for sure...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...
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he ok

He doin it no doubt I seen him on youtube he got that kanye and wayne style skinny tight jeans but he ok
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Harvey, IL

I grew up in Chicago and Harvey is straight Ghetto. The funny thing is that from '98 to 2002 or so when I was 17-21 there would be massive raves at the Harvey Expo Center and it was mostly white kids from the burbs and these parties were off the chain. Chicago had a crazy rave scene until some politician's, maybe the mayor's, daughter OD'd on somethin and then most parties were thrown in Harvey or outside city limits even Wisconsin. Harvey is a place where there could be a dead body in an alley and nobody would notice. Good times though! P.S. Good DL
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all these joints

got me feeling this shit. with that said 6/10 too generic nothing unique or special

this is good due to the fact

this is good due to the fact that he's not an rapper in the industry.. the potential is there! could be a good artist, ghost writer

the song my nigga "my eyes

the song my nigga "my eyes lower the zero, yall cant play in my league im so negero"
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ur a fuckin dumbass u spelt

ur a fuckin dumbass u spelt negro wrong lol dumbass nigga
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.....silly negro can't spell

this tape is dope

this tape is dope
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Its another weed rapper--not

Its another weed rapper--not a bad thing tho i can always use something new for my bong playlist
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Dude's alright, seemed to be

Dude's alright, seemed to be jackin Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa's Styles though. I'd give it a 6/10. Something to smoke to, but nothing groundbreaking. "But I know what I'm doin, Out the window of the jet "You See L.a." like a Bruin" Free Weezy

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