Slim Dunkin & D-Bo - Block Illegal (Hosted By Trap-A-Holics & DJ Spinz)

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1. (00:04:29) Slim Dunkin & DBo Feat. Waka Flocka - Nik Afta Nik
2. (00:04:42) Slim Dunkin & DBo Feat. YC & Jody Breeze - Bout Dem 100s
3. (00:03:03) Slim Dunkin & DBo Feat. OJ Da Juiceman - That's A No Go
4. (00:03:22) Slim Dunkin & DBo Feat. Dae Dae - Like Dis
5. (00:02:46) Slim Dunkin & DBo - Legends
6. (00:02:38) Slim Dunkin & DBo - Daydreamin'
7. (00:03:10) Slim Dunkin & DBo - Faces [Prod. By Zaytoven]
8. (00:02:51) Slim Dunkin & DBo - Gotta Get It
9. (00:03:24) Slim Dunkin & DBo - Death Around The Corner
10. (00:03:22) Slim Dunkin & DBo - On Me [Prod. By KE]
11. (00:03:40) Slim Dunkin & DBo Feat. Waka Flocka - I Go Ham [Prod. By DBo]
12. (00:03:10) Slim Dunkin & DBo Feat. Travis Porter - Hood Bitch [Prod. By DBo & Kritical]
13. (00:03:12) Slim Dunkin & DBo feat. Suyat - Nyquil [Prod. By Zaytoven]
14. (00:02:56) Slim Dunkin & DBo - Favorite Song [Prod. By DBo]
15. (00:04:08) Slim Dunkin & DBo Feat. Roscoe Dash & Waka Flocka - Dunk (Remix) [Prod. By Lex Luger]
16. (00:03:10) Slim Dunkin & DBo - I Gotta Eat [Prod. By Sonny Digital]
17. (00:03:59) Slim Dunkin & DBo Feat. Gucci Mane - Hell Yeah
18. (00:03:02) Slim Dunkin & DBo - Just Another Day

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henderson's picture

slim dunkin have that ridin

slim dunkin have that ridin music
Hater Hurter's picture

they both up next

love or hate bricksquad they both making some serious noise with they tapes.
IStillHatePosers's picture

bout fucking time

slim dunkin one of the hardest hood niggas out right now, besides whoo da kid. *Fuck Your Comments*

Gotta agree with you beside

Gotta agree with you beside Wooh Da Kid, Slim be on his shit BSM
RealMusicFan's picture

It go hard.

If thats your style, it's good. The Dunk Remix is hot. ~If it doesn't have to do with the music, it doesn't fuckin matter~
MidwestBest765's picture

'makin noise' is exactly

'makin noise' is exactly what they doin' it definenty ain't music [I'd rather bang Screw!!]
dninc's picture


Somebody said somthin about some Dunkin' Donuts??


Had a glaze donut myself this morning on my way to work. And two spicey kolaches. They hit the spot too cause i had the munchies! Does anybody in here ever wake up with the munchies from smokin the night before or is't just me?? Sometimes i be going to sleep high and wake up starving!!
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^^FUCK NIGGAS^^ BRICKSQUAD BITCH................................................................................................................. GOD RAP GOD PERSONA GOD SCRILLA GODBODY IN THE FLESH BITCH CALL ME GODZILLA!