Slim Thug - I Represent This (2000)


01.Freestyle (Down Bottom beat) [02:56]
02.Northside (Southside beat) [04:23]
03.Down South [01:58]
04.Freestyle (Watch for the Hook beat) [02:33]
05.Braids & Fades [02:55]
06.verse from Texas III Chopped Game [03:50]
07.Freestyle (I'm a Hoe beat) [03:23]
08.Freestyle (Hot Boy beat) [02:42]
09.Freestyle (R Kelly beat) [02:10]
10.Freestyle [02:24]
11.Freestyle (Check Yoself beat) [04:34]
12.Freestyle (Wanna Be A Balla beat) [03:37]
13.Freestyle (Homies & Thugs beat) [02:08]
14.Freestyle (Hard Knock Life beat) [02:39]
15.Freestyle [02:48]
16.Freestyle (When A Womans Fed Up beat) [02:41]
17.Freestyle (25 Lighters beat) [02:02]
18.Freestyle (The Streets Ain't Right beat) [03:33]
19.Freestyle (Ain't My Fault beat) [02:23]
20.Freestyle (Playas Holiday beat) [05:18]
21.verse from Papa Reu song
22.Freestyle (400 Degreez beat)

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big ups bringin this back

big ups bringin this back from back in tha day
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Braids & Fades jammin hard! I aint heard dat jant in a minute!
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Z-RO freestyle

check this Z-RO and lil c freestyle leak... Tell them hoes lay off the crack and feed they kids. ~BOLE420
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nice upload

lot of fire beats on here when swisha was in they prime this is a MUST download!!!!!