Yung Berg - Yung Boss Or Die Vol 2 (Presented By DJ Nik Bean, The Empire & The Kidd Domination)

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Track #2 was not included

1 Intro
3 Who Gonna Get It
4 Love Ya Baby
5 Child Of The Ghetto
6 Beat Beat Beat
7 100 Miles & Runnin
8 My Angel
9 M.O.E.
10 Get It In
11 Karma
12 Put It On Me
13 If You Want It
14 Cap 1 Freestyle
15 She Lookin @ Me
16 Why They Hate Me
17 Up
18 She Bad
19 She Gets Down
20 Get The Fuck From Around Me
21 Lovely Day
22 Imma Yung Boss
23 Your The One
24 YB

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this mixtape should be

this mixtape should be called jacked "wheres my chain edition"


Guest74 wrote:
this mixtape should be called jacked "wheres my chain edition"
ROFL heres where it at but i bet he not gettin back in less he spend sum money!! he straight up bitch anyway
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good thing hes puutin some

good thing hes puutin some music out cuz he needs to throw up them big dollars to get his chain back

Yung Berg?

NOTE: No transformer piece around the neck.

Berg a wet pussy nigga

This dude a str8 up bitch made nigga!!! How u gon get jacked 4 ya shit and niggas takin pictures wit they daughter wearin tha chain n shit HAHAHAHA then the nigga berg had his brotha on youtube bustin guns n shit like dats spose 2 scare a nigga. If u listen 2 Berg you a pussy ass nigga jus like him! Lauderdale!!