Sole Purpose x Big Philly - Notorious B.I.G. Mix


Part 1
Part 2

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check out my remixes "Arguing on internet is like special Olympics. Even if u win, ur still retarded. hahaha"
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so, you like my "Arguing on the internet..." quote? Did i give you permission to use it? NO! lol! just kiddin. that shit is mad true tho, aint it? im glad they made it so u have to be a member to comment now. whats up with this album? any good? worth the DL? i hate when an album is in one or two parts. and i hate splitting tracks too. wont dl till i hear some shit about this one. thats where i got it from!

Just what we need more

Just what we need more Biggie blends and remixes. Guys need to let it go and do other shit. Been too many big tapes lately.