Care Bears & Stack Bundles - Mr. Seymour Cake (God's Thug)

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01. (00:00:17) Mr. Seymour Cake Intro - Mr. Seymour Cake Intro
02. (00:02:28) Click Clack - Click Clack
03. (00:01:42) Put It In The Air - Put It In The Air
04. (00:02:49) From Far Rock To D-Block - From Far Rock To D-Block
05. (00:01:38) Icon - Icon
06. (00:03:22) Hood Stories - Hood Stories
07. (00:04:27) Hustler's Song - Hustler's Song
08. (00:00:31) I Be Knowin Interlude - I Be Knowin Interlude
09. (00:03:46) I Be Knowin - I Be Knowin
10. (00:04:00) Huntin Season - Huntin Season
11. (00:03:39) Listen - Listen
12. (00:03:30) Starving - Starving
13. (00:03:46) What's Your Hood Like - What's Your Hood Like
14. (00:02:32) Get U Dead - Get U Dead
15. (00:00:07) Ladies Skit - Ladies Skit
16. (00:02:20) If I Had The Time - If I Had The Time
17. (00:02:00) You Don't Love Me - You Don't Love Me
18. (00:03:05) Me, Him & The Other G - Me, Him & The Other G
19. (00:01:46) Saviour's On His Way - Saviour's On His Way
20. (00:04:47) We R - We R
21. (00:00:42) Under Dog Interlude - Under Dog Interlude
22. (00:02:34) Why - Why
23. (00:02:00) Send Them Boys - Send Them Boys
24. (00:01:06) Over Here - Over Here
25. (00:01:37) Victory Lap - Victory Lap
26. (00:00:23) We're Back Interlude - We're Back Interlude
27. (00:02:10) Incredible F Joe Buddens - Incredible F Joe Buddens
28. (00:01:08) Diamonds On My Neck - Diamonds On My Neck
29. (00:00:16) Get Money Interlude - Get Money Interlude
30. (00:03:05) Move Them Things - Move Them Things
31. (00:02:55) Love - Love
32. (00:00:12) Mr. Seymour Cake Outro - Mr. Seymour Cake Outro

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Never 4Gotten......still bangin on my stereo...... ''..the more hoe's i fuck, the more i love my wife.....'' RIP STACKS

yeh man r.i.p stacks..gone

yeh man r.i.p stacks..gone but not 4forgot..
jimmyvanis's picture

RIP my boy you blessed! Real

RIP my boy you blessed! Real soldier 2 the end!!! one love "You loved far rock like i love Jersey so i feel ya/ but love something too much guarantee it will kill ya" J.Budden DIPSET baby we will keep ya memory alive for ever..Riot Squad whut up!! Squuuuuad Up!

Just Stack B one of the best that did it

c music at it worst so u gotta honor real mc's i retired the evis for the RMC nigga these 660 these fit crispy glass top Beemer Ci 660



so is this nothing but Stack

so is this nothing but Stack Bundles

yes all STACK

yes all STACK

somebody can make a link (rs

somebody can make a link (rs or mu) cuz i got a problem with dat torrent shit

its easy to download

checkout the guide:

i know use it... please a link

mfizzel wrote:
checkout the guide:
I know how to use this program, i don't got azureus i got shareza, it works hard before i remains my firewall but since a few weeks i can't download tape anymore on mixtapetorrent so i repeat my question lol can somebody make me a link please??!!

some more heat

this shit is fire. r.i.p.