Stat Quo - The Invisible Man


1. Intro
2. Invisable Man Ft. Tiffany Villarreal (Produced By Kevin Rachwel)
3. Love (Produced By Sicknotes)
4. What Can I Do (Produced By Yung Lo)
5. Real Talk Interlude
6. Kool Out (Produced By Kevin Rachwel)
7. Ladies
8. Swallow Me (Produced By Diverse)
9. Glasshouse (Produced By Kevin Rachwel)
10. Stat Quo Speaks
11. The Price Is Right (Produced By Kevin Rachwel)
12. Stylin (Produced By DJ Pain)
13. Plug
14. Beast Out The Cage II (Produced By Lyr1kz)
15. Heaven (Produced By Ill Tone)
16. Outro

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Stat without Dre. Lot of old school type beats. Nothing to really bounce to. Stat has good flows and switched it up alot but just average at best. gotta give him a 6/10
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6/10? really?

sorry i gotta check it... BEATS ARE... VERY VERY important though i feel you.. Dre's a G though... I mean aint no 1 better ya know..? Talent Display dot NET come thru check some good shit..

This is a pretty dope cd..

This is a pretty dope cd.. The price is right track killed me. DOPE!!!!!