Rob Yung & Ross Munroe Presents - Samples Of My Life Instrumental LP


01. Intro
02. How I Live - Produced By Rob Yung
03. I'll Be Waiting - Produced By Rob Yung
04. You - Produced By Rob Yung
05. Gets My Thug On - Produced By Rob Yung
06. Already At The Top - Produced By Rob Yung
07. You Don't - Produced By Rob Yung
08. Whats Reala Then Dilla(J Dilla Tribute) - Produced By Rob Yung
09. Calling At - Produced By Ross Munroe
10. Keep On Chase - Produced By Ross Munroe
11. Love Then Hate - Produced By Ross Munroe
12. Ode To The Streets - Produced By Ross Munroe
13. Rewind That - Produced By Ross Munroe
14. Just A Little - Produced By Ross Munroe
15. My Fly - Produced By Ross Munroe
16. Were Ever You At - Produced By Ross Munroe
17. Outro

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love instrumentals!

might use some for a future mixtape... FREE DOWNLOAD OF TALENTDISPLAY'S MIXTAPE "ARMED WITH DANGEROUS MIND" Please help by spreading the link HOPE YOU ENJOY. TALENT DISPLAY.NET (Come thru.. check out some good music y'all)
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Only had 1 hott joint on it...i used it...abused it...hopefully the nex 1 will b better


feelin the beatz fam keep em comin (no homo)
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it was ku not my stilo really ...these beats werent too banging they werent like the type of beat u get n throw on n ideas start running thru ur head, like dam this wud b clean for this drop r this r tht soo on a 1-10 scale 4 sorry jst being real homie but there was one ku one so hopefully better next time pz "Lo-Syph" (Denvers Freestyle King)(Elo Hyphen Syph)

Don't care what anyone else says.

This shit is hot.