I.L. - Anotha Day Up The Way Pt 2 (Hosted By Don Cannon & DJ Infamous)

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02.Don Cannon Intro
03.Come Up Produced by C -Tons
04.Real Produced by C-Tons
05.Bend A Corner Produced by CPK
06.Money Produced By V-SO
07.Cleveland Produced By CPK
08.Choose You Produced by V- SO feat Snotty
09.Gimmie Tha Beat Produced V -SO
10.Dont Like Me Produced by CPK
11.Rules Produced Big Donald
12.I.L -Intermission
13.Close Up Produced By Verdigo
14.HollyHood Produced By Verdigo
15.Bigger Picture Produced By Howard
16.Truth Hurts Produced By SweatBoxs
17.Anotha Day UpThaWay Produced By Verdigo
18.All Eyes On Me Produced By V-SO
19.Don Cannon Outro
20.Im Gorgeous Produced By C Tons
21.celebrity(bonus track)

anothadayupthaway2.torrent18.07 KB


This dude look like he be doing dat crack you naw what i mean..... Crank Dat Needle Ouch....

This my Muthafuckin nigga!

Harvard Ave Stand DA Fuck UP Thieveland Ohidro I.L Hold us down so we can smack da game!