DJ Spinatik - Street Runnaz 16

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1. (00:00:18) Dj Spinatik - Intro
2. (00:04:46) Plies - Thug Section
3. (00:02:29) Lil Wayne ft. Mannie Fresh - Imma Get Mine
4. (00:03:47) T.I. - A Better Day
5. (00:04:04) Lil Wayne - Never Get It
6. (00:03:31) Ace hood - You Already Know
7. (00:03:31) Lil Wayne ft. David Banner - La La La (Remix)
8. (00:03:47) Plies - Watch This
9. (00:03:39) Alfamega ft. T.I. - Uh Huh
10. (00:03:18) Lil Wayne - A Milli (Freemix)
11. (00:03:36) Fat Joe ft. The Game & Lil Wayne - Ain't Sayin Nuthin
12. (00:05:24) Lil Wayne - Whip It
13. (00:03:33) Gucci Mane ft. Shawty Lo & Soulja Boy - Gucci Bandana
14. (00:03:16) Jakkpot - Higher Hustle
15. (00:03:35) Dolla - Good Pussy
16. (00:04:00) V.I.C. - Beat That
17. (00:03:53) Dem Franchise Boyz ft. Lloyd - Turnin Heads
18. (00:04:01) Lil Wayne - Action
19. (00:03:42) Mariah Carey ft. T.I. - Lovin You A Long Time
20. (00:04:33) Mariah Carey ft. Lil Wayne & Akon - Bye Bye (Remix)

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# 5 is fire -ca$h ave boi
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good up

nice tape. i like the street runnaz series alot. keep up the hard work spinatek.


Fuckin nice tape right here! Cheers, Peace yall

omg track 13 i cant believe

omg track 13 i cant believe soulja boy got the hottest lyrics on that song :(

yeah dis shit straight dis

yeah dis shit straight dis dj from my city tampa 2 bad i get all his shit off da internet and dont c his shit being handed out or being sold in tampa he gotta tightin up a lil straight ass tape tho im fuckin wit 1 time for dj spinatik 813 stand up...

Don't let deez phoneez fool ya!

Why ya'll mixtape DJs pullin' Plies dick??? Dat nigga a phonee...Take away da' "P", dat's him. check on & see how a Trick Daddy went off on him. If u know dat nigga & don't like this comment, I'm da' nigga dat B at his barber shop! & da' only reason Y i ain't say shit2him,'cause the owner said he'll bar me. I got much luv4ya barber "LIES", i mean "plies..."

yea plies mad wack, myspace

yea plies mad wack, myspace show havin bitch ass fake punk