Team Invasion & DJ Green Lantern Presents Razor Tag: Styles Of Beyond

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#01 Nobody Does It Better
#02 Razor Tag
#03 Gats N Party Hats
#04 Hard/Hard (MS Remix)
#05 It's Us
#06 Godz In The Front f. Demigodz
#07 Hey You
#08You Cannot Fuck With This
#09Here We Come f. Celph Titled
#10World Famous
#11Take That
#12Bring It Back
#14Live At The BBQ
#15The Story Begins
#16Bangin' S.O.B.
#17Kill 'em In The Face
#18Get Involved
#19They Don't Know
#22Savin' L.A. (Bonus)
#23Second to None (Bonus

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I aint heard this tape yet, but styles of beyond is sick.. Put dem wit da evil genious and team invasion.. its bound to be fire!! jUst-Us

lol who the hell are these

lol who the hell are these whiteys
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i've heard a couple tracks

i've heard a couple tracks that they were on...i'm pretty sure they did a few with fort minor (the "rapper" from linkin park). Anybody else know?


God damn i been waitin for some shit like this to drop for months i got all AOTP's, demigodz, Jedi mind tricks, styles of beyond tracks 3.5 gigs worth and this shit is hot that song "GODZ IN THE FRONT" is fucking fire!!!!!!!! everyone should DL this, celph titled and apathy's verse in "godz in the front" are hot man. These dudes are local for me im 30 mins from philly so i definitely feeling these guys. Personally the hottest shit droped so far in 2007. well except for Apathy's "Baptism By Fire" DOWNLOAD THIS U WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. this is real hip hop GL

FUUUCK YEA, I loved sob's

FUUUCK YEA, I loved sob's megadef album. Fort minors we major mixtape is dope too. DL in respect for grandma its hard to find but its sick. Styles of beyond are a group of some fucking talented musicians. Check out for some media

sick shit but no seeders

This torrent is some sick shit but no ones seeding. Mind opening it up and helping me out?

u got $5..ill mail it to u?

u got $5..ill mail it to u? hit me back

the whole cd that is

the whole cd that is
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no seeds

no seeds