Team Invasion Midwest Presents DJ Giovanny & Jay-Z - I Am Legend

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01. I Am Legend Intro [0:49]
02. Jay-Z - Ignorant Sh*t (DJ Giovanny RMX) [4:03]
03. Jay-Z - Blue Magic (Green Lantern RMX) [1:40]
04. Jay-Z ft. En Vouge - Blue Magic (RMX) (Prod. By Nobdy
Famous) [2:51]
05. Jay-Z - Hello Brooklyn (DJ Giovanny RMX) [1:19]
06. Interlude [0:27]
07. Jay-Z - No Hook (RMX) (Prod. By AU) [1:07]
08. Jay-Z - No Hook (RMX) (Prod. By 9th Wonder) [1:41]
09. Jay-Z - Success (RMX) (Prod. By 9th Wonder) [3:22]
10. Jay-Z - I Know (RMX) (Prod. By AU) [2:42]
11. Jay-Z - Come On Baby (DJ Giovanny RMX) [0:59]
12. Jay-Z - Dead Presidents 3 [2:05]
13. Jay-Z - Pray (RMX) (Prod. By AU) [3:54]
14. Jay-Z - American Dreaming (DJ Giovanny RMX) [2:46]
15. Jay-Z - American Gangster (RMX) (Prod. By 9th Wonder) [2:33]
16. Jay-Z - Flashing Lights (Green Latern RMX) [3:08]
17. Jay-Z - Sweet (DJ Giovanny RMX) [2:44]
18. Jay-Z - Fallin (DJ Giovanny RMX) [3:02]
19. Jay-Z - Say Hello (RMX) (Prod. By Nobody Famous) [4:02]
20. Jay-Z - Party Life (Green Latern RMX) [0:48]
21. Jay-Z - Party Life (Green Latern RMX) [3:08]
22. Jay-Z - Underestimated (Prod. By Breez) [1:14]
23. Jay-Z - Roc Boyz (RMX) (Prod. By Nobody Famous) [3:12]
24. Twiggz - Dead Presidents (Freestyle) [3:19]
25. Jay-Z ft. A-Johns - Ain't Nobody F*ckin With Me [2:29]
26. Jay-Z ft. Nas - Be Like Hov (DJ Giovanny RMX) [3:31]

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another jay z mixtape...WOW

holy fuck.... another jay-z mixtape????? thats only the 50th one this month with all the same songs!!! Hey Wack DJ's.....Jay z sucks....stop recycling the same bullshit tracks, its really getting annoying..!

these are BLENDS & REMIXES,

these are BLENDS & REMIXES, step your game up guest12


Sorry but seriously........... DJ Giovanny & Jay-Z - I Am Legend Benzi & The Knocks Present Jay-Z - American G Funk (We Got The Remix Special Edition) DJ Dyce & Jay-Z - American Gangsta Grillz J-Love & Jay-Z - Top Of The Game 3 DJ Rah2K & DJ L-Gee Present Jay-Z The Brooklyn Gangster American Zeppelin (Jay-Z & Led Zeppelin)(Mixed By DJ Doc Rok) American Ironman (Jay-Z / Ghostface Mashup) The Jigga Duets (Jay-Z And R&B) Big Mike & Jay-Z - International Gangster DJ Skee & Jay-Z: The American Godfather Jay-Z & Von Pea - American Angster Jay-Z & MIDIMarc - The Newprint Jay-Z & MIDIMarc - American Beatmaker Stackhouse Recordings Present Jay-Z: S. Carter 3 DJ Klapton - Nas & Jay-Z: American Legends...etc...etc...etc

the majority of those are

the majority of those are blend mixtapes...they dont recycle tracks they are original remixes/blends if you dont know what blends are look it up...or just listen to em

"Jay z sucks"... thats that

"Jay z sucks"... thats that ignorant shit no one likes. I'm listening now and this mixtape is hot.


this is hot dont sleep on this

DJ Giovanny - I am legend

I would have to say coming from the bx where hip to the hop was created and the place we call the boogie is where i live...I'd listen to alot of music and this midwest invasion productions is got to be one of the best productions i've i always said there is plenty of different opinions but keep it up and see where it takes u..........this version is better than the original american gangster...much props to dj giovanny.........