Big Mike & Poobs Present Styles P - The Phantom

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01. Big Mike & Styles P - The Phantom (Intro) 01:4
02. Styles P - Hard Liquor 01:42
03. Styles P - The Old Ghost 01:09
04. Styles P - Blow 01:30
05. Styles P - S.P. Is Back 01:14
06. Styles P & Flipside - Burn One Down 03:13
07. Styles P - The Army's Comin' (Interlude) 00:37
08. Styles P - The Militia (feat. Bucky, Bully & Straw) 02:57
09. Styles P - Shine (feat. Sheek Louch) 02:20
10. Styles P - That Nigga Rich 01:22
11. Styles P - Get That Money (feat. Don P & Ty) 03:28
12. Styles P - Shootin' At Me 01:31
13. Styles P - The Story (Interlude) 00:26
14. Styles P - I'm Crazy 01:11
15. Styles P - I Wanna Get High 01:25
16. Styles P - Life's A Motion Picture 01:16
17. Styles P & Jadakiss - One Blood (Remix) 01:02
18. Styles P - The Message 03:45
19. Styles P - Lights Out! (Interlude) 00:20
20. Styles P - Leave Me Alone 01:58
21. Styles P ,Akon & DJ Khaled - On The Corner 01:40
22. Styles P - Grammy Family 01:05
23. Styles P & Jadakiss - Push It (Remix) 01:19
24. Styles P - Niggaz Is Garbage (Interlude) 01:27
25. Styles P - Niggaz Too Fly 01:15
26. Styles P - G Joint 02:47
27. Styles P - Ghost Is Comin' 01:16
28. Styles P - Funk Flex Shit 02:42
29. Styles P & J-Hood - Outro 01:10

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D-Block is prty sick, i'd

D-Block is prty sick, i'd say Sheek is the illest outta that camp tho. S P the ghost is nice tho, ima give this tape a try.


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Anyone know if this is any

Anyone know if this is any good?


Ton da Don yo star you should'nt even have to ask if this is any good brah, this is SP you no. anything this dudes on is deep. holla

shit is pretty hot

this tape is real tight
not his most lyrical mixtape
but SP sounds angry and hes talkin real reckless on this


he's one of the only rappers out that don't rap about getting rich he rap's the truth hes shit hot all d-block are

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styles is and has by far

styles is and has by far been the best in the lox since they were on bad boy and he was a ghost writer for jada, sheek's never been great, but he's been hungry lately. but yeah, styles is great, most underated in ny.

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styles down with snitch unit??

has anybody heard that new song with 50 cent styles p and scarface i did and i was like what the fuck i know they talked on the phone and shit i heard the 12 minute long interveiw but styles is a hardcore g he should not be doing songs with snitch unit

Are You Serious???? New song with 50 and Scarface????

Nigga that shit is from like 03'! That shit is verses put together anyway! You gotta get on your music shit! That shit is old B.

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is styles down with 50 cent

is styles down with 50 cent and snitch unit

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shit hope they'll get better cause

suppa duppa fly is back with a brand new swagger/
bet can't take no more wounds from the dagger/
i'ma rolling stone u can call me Mick Jagger/
doin more shows then the boy the man is hotter/
15 g's a piece/ half the stash increased/
and that's phat at lease b4 the album's released/
hood niggaz gettin rich off my shit/
fuck it hit the studio and make some more hit real quick/
but that's just the first far from the last/
i was doin most of the shit y'all heard in the trash/
i ain't gon' get a deal i sit on my ass/
i got my foot to the flop and i smash the gas/
i'm a hustler/ satisfies costumers/
slay with the pay/ i am and straight bustin ya/
guaranty nine out of ten i'm bumpin ya/
blind as a vet but the infra red is touchin ya/
i'm from BC gettin paid it's a must/
slangin cd's y'all slangin that dust/
they say what would u be doin if u wasn't rappin?/
probably in A.T.L somewhere trappin/
gather and up some other town's mix/
tryinna get a lil mo bread from ma brix/
but i ain't gotta sell cock to get rich/
i just grab the microphone and talk big shit/
and that's it that's it, that's it, that's it, that's it/
yeah i'm fly bitch!!!!!!!!


Ton da Don- Did u just make dat shit up now?