Sugar Tongue Slim - Demand More 1.2 (Presented By Tapemasters Inc)

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1. I Cant Believe It
2. Sensual Seduction
3. Go Hard
4. Jumping Out The Window Ft. Ac
5. Love Lockdown
7.Rider Pt. 2
8. Whatever You Like
9. The Business
10. Heartless Ft. Ac

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I am going to be honest I

I am going to be honest I haven't listened to this, but I still can't believe nobody else commented on the original mixtape when it came out. The original was the shit and I have faith in this being great material also. Don't sleep on this guy.
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Whut iz u sayin, ma nigga? These r cuts by Rappers who are SANGIN on tha trakk! whut greayt material r u speakin on?? And he coulda added like 50 more songs wit just Weezy and Kanye!

Like I said I didn't listen

Like I said I didn't listen to the mixtape yet, but if you want to just hear sugartongueslim click on the first related mixtape at the bottom of the screen.

fuck kanye, your a bitch

fuck kanye, your a bitch just because i said too, how about that.

like for real did you do

like for real did you do anything but look at the cover? shits hot

DL it

yo, he's hella sick

Ain't bad

This dude is pretty good. Im about to download his other one right now
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How I Got Over

STS did a nice job on his features on The Roots "How I Got Over" Album. -- "On the BIG SCALE of things, my opinion doesnt really amount to much, so I aim NOT to persuade 'cause I'm just enjoying music."