Superstar Jay & DJ 151 - Queens Killaz

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Shout to Superstar Jay & DJ 151!

1 Cormega - Unforgiven
2 Mobb Deep Ft Cormega - Killaz Theme
3 Nas Ft Noreaga - Body In The Trunk
4 LL Cool J - Ill Bomb
5 Kool G Rap - On The Run
6 Nas & Nature - The Ultimate High
7 LL Cool J - Jack The Ripper (Dissing Cannibus)
8 Mobb Deep - SUrvivial Of The Fittest
9 Mobb Deep - Give Up The Goods
10 Mobb Deep Ft Q Tip - Drink Away The Pain
11 Mobb Deep - Drop A Gem
12 50 Cent - Fuck You
13 Nas - Blaze A 50
14 Mobb Deep - Illustrious
15 50 Cent, Nas & Nature - Block Is Too Hott!!
16 Nas - Represent
17 50 Cent - Outta Sight
18 Capone N Noreaga - Blood MOney
19 Tragedy & Khadafi, Nore & Nas - Calm Down
20 Nas - Halftime
21 Lost Boyz - Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous
22 MObb Deep - Illegal Life
23 G-Unit - Bad Newz
24 50 Cent - Corner Bodega
25 50 Cent - A Gentleman
26 Nas - No Ideas Original
27 Cormega - Endangered Species
28 Nas & Kool G Rap - Fast Life

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Stack Bundles shoulda been

Stack Bundles shoulda been on this joint.


true true.. lakey the kid an some other queens niggaz missin on this mixtape- still a banger tho- my opinion ,, the best hip hop ever produced came outta that borough. queens niggaz lyrically set the bar- just glad they didnt 4get my man cormega-- the realest mc on the planet- fuk wut u heard !n fuck neone who disagrees. i aint hearin it neway, one.

To whom it may concern. Jack

To whom it may concern. Jack the ripper was made before Canibus even thought about rhyming. It was a dis song to Kool Moe Dee.

NAS & HALF DOLLA on the same

NAS & HALF DOLLA on the same cover!!!!!!!!! someone wasnt thikning thats embarrassing

Where the fuck is FARROCK???

Where the fuck is FARROCK??? Stack bundles Bynoe Drugz Cau2gs


where grafh @ n two five n q-tip n run dmc [hollis]

Decent album.....Hey

Decent album.....Hey everyone u gotta check this out!!!!

Hands down Stack Bundles is

Hands down Stack Bundles is the nastiest rapper we woulda seen for the next 20 years....
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run dmc qtip thay go on 90s classics