J-Love - Capone & Noreaga: Still Reporting

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01. Capone And Noreaga - Blood Money 03:50
02. Capone And Noreaga - Capone Bone 02:47
03. Capone And Noreaga Feat. Tragedy Khadafi - T.O.N.Y 03:31
04. Capone And Noreaga Feat. Nas - Calm Down (Unreleased) 04:18
05. Capone And Noreaga - Married 2 Marijuanna (Unreleased) 03:05
06. Capone And Noreaga Feat. Havoc - Parolee Violators Part.2 03:19
07. Capone And Noreaga Feat. Tragedy Khadafi - Thug Paradise 03:22
08. Capone And Noreaga Feat. Mobb Deep And Tragedy Khadafi - La La 04:43
09. Capone And Noreaga Feat. Tragedy Khadfi - Half A Mil (Unreleased) 03:15
10. Capone And Noreaga - Its Alright (Unreleased) 01:36
11. Capone And Noreaga Feat. Royal Flush And E Money Bags - Queens Re 03:00
12. Capone And Noreaga - Norematti(Unreleased) 03:08
13. Capone And Noreaga - Hey Ya'll (Unreleased) 02:36
14. Capone And Noreaga - Cheers (Unreleased) 01:47
15. Capone And Noreaga Feat. Kool G Rap - My Life 03:08
16. Capone And Noreaga - Invincible 03:44
17. Capone And Noreaga Feat. Foxy Brown - Bang Bang 04:09
18. Capone And Noreaga Feat. Cormega And Lake - We Gon Buck 04:23
19. Capone And Noreaga Feat. Mobb Deep - Queens Finest 04:05
20. Capone And Noreaga Feat. The L.O.X - Bleeding From The Mouth 02:51
21. Capone And Noreaga Feat. Royal Flush - Iced Down Mediallions (Unr 03:07
22. Capone And Noreaga Feat. Nas - B Ez 03:03
23. Capone And Noreaga Feat. Mary J. Blige - Oh Remix (Unreleased) 02:50
24. Capone And Noreaga - Back When (Unreleased) 03:25
25. Capone And Noreaga Feat. Nature And Prodigy - Cold Blooded Killa 01:00

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TRAGEDY is the name.. (short bio my peoples)

For those who dont know him(which i bet most of ya dont), STILL REPORTIN is the title of Tragedy Khadafi's best album!! Tragedy is the nigga that found Nore, and tought him how to spit(even how to breath on tracks)! Tragedy is the nigga that formed C-N-N, the one that wrote most of nore's lyrics in the " War report"!! After "war report" and the big success in the streets the faggot Nore dumped him to collabo wit niggas from the west coast and busta, the self titled album was a big failure! Tragedy dissed him wit a song called BLOOD TYPE(which in my personal opinion is the best diss song i've ever heard)! He is the nigga that helped mobb deep to achieve shit!! Niggas from QB believe that tragedy's is one of the best rappers that ever did it! They say that he lived all the shit that he raps bout, and the shit that NAS was rappin bout in ILLMATIC! the say nas stole his swagger.(mam died outta crack, pap shot in the head) To me tragedy is my favorite rapper out! Top 5 rappers alive, a street poet with the best flow out, street legend, UNDERGROUND KING! A lotta niggas took lessons from him!! A REAL NIGGA THAT I PAY MY RESPECTS, niggas in the Heights love him, harlem is down wit him! I suggest to all those that love underground rap and aint heard of him yet to find his albums.. start wit STILL REPORTIN, a street classic, my niggas i gurantee u wont regret it...
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i dunno

how the hell u can call Nore's 1st album "a big failure", that shit was huge.


My dude jimmy you need to fall back jusa bit. Some of what you say is fact and the other words are your opinion mixed with downplay(hate). highguy is right, Noreaga's first album was a hit, not a "big failure." Secondly, it don't make MUCH sense to say that Still Reporting was Tragedy's best album when the "BEST DISS song you've ever heard" was on his debut solo album, Against All Odds. You 'Forced My Hand' wit' dat one. Every artist you named in your lil' bio stands strong on their own. It's a Queens thang homeboi! As for this mixtape, J-Love is a real NY mixtape legend. Then you throw some of the best tracks from a great group called CNN, and there you have it. Queens! "You can drink ya hatarade and eat ya pohata chips, n*ggas like y'all is caught in the Hatrix/ But I got a hitsquad that leave hater dead, wit' a f*ckin' hole in ya Mr.Pohata head" -Saigon Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1
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like i said it b4...if you puttin out mixtapes every week, something stinks. If yous for real then you spit bout real life shit and real life shit takes time to write about cuzzin. capone, mega, trag, bignoyd, craig g, nature, bars n hooks, chryme fam, e-money bags, killa shah, lakey the kid, littles, screwball, nore. real headz play it right and put out a few mixtapes so you can go support the real. keep the realest borough coming!
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see it fo ya self

homie check dem signs, its not my opinion but the general opinion. Nore's first album was a failure.. It could compare wit tha success of street classic "War Report".. And if u've checked better u would know that trag's first solo album was "Inteligent Hoodlum"! Nobody disagrees bout which's the best trag's album, homie without a doubt STILL REPORTIN! Every artist that i mentioned do admit that khadafi was the one behind dem, check it for ya self! Find and watch "TRAGEDY, THE STORY OFQUEENSBRIDGE" a documentary by Booker Sim.. u gonna see what i'm talkin bout~! holla


Check dem signs? What's that supposed to mean? I don't really care about the "general opinion." I can form my own opinions, and most likely they gonna be on point. You smell me? I do appreciate the information though, good lookin' out. Just don't try to pass somebody else's opinion as yours homie. OF COURSE all the newer Queens artists gonna pay their respects to their veteran homie Tragedy, but that don't mean you can downplay(hate on) the newer artists cuz they did that!!! It just don't make no sense. Like I said before, it's a Queens thang homeboi! But you right, "Intelligent Hoodlum" was his original solo debut before he came back out with "Against All Odds" in 2001. "You can drink ya hatarade and eat ya pohata chips, n*ggas like y'all is caught in the Hatrix/ But I got a hitsquad that leave hater dead, wit' a f*ckin' hole in ya Mr.Pohata head" -Saigon Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1
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fall back this shit bout CNN

when trag drops a mixtape here then yall can continue your bitchslappin, We neeed more Capone and Twins Gambino up in heah! Holler